Best Swing Dance Accessories

Best Swing Dancing Accessories (Updated for 2022)

The best and easiest way to add vibrancy and glamour to your swing dancing is to include some classy accessories to your outfit. Several brands on the market offer custom-made swing dancing accessories that you can consider, or you can also opt to buy ready-made ones as recommended in this guide.

Swing dancing accessories feature a unique classy style to ensure that you remain great while on the dance floor.

This article will discuss different swing dance accessories for men and women and review the best ones for your purchase.

Swing dance couple wearing swing dance accessories

Men, there are plenty of accessories for you to get your swagger up during a swing dance social, so here are the most recommended swing dance accessories for men.

Cufflinks and Shirt Studs

Cufflinks are designed to hold your shirt together. Most shirts may have regular buttons, but for some but you may need to use cufflinks to keep it in place.

Like with cufflinks, some shirts may require that you use shirt studs, while others don’t need them. Shirt cuffs resemble cufflinks, and they are used to button up your shirt to ensure you remain elegant; they look like classy buttons.

Hawson Cufflinks and Studs are designed to match any shirt. They are ideal for both formal and informal events and will effortlessly complement your look. These cufflinks and studs are weighted down with reinforced anchors; they are made to attach to your shirt and stay there all day long. These studs and cufflinks are rust-resistant, thank their platinum-group rhodium metal design.

Front and back studs are used for tail shirts that come with attachable collars. These are not your ordinary stud shirts because the front stud is usually longer for easy penetration of the left shirt collar, left side of the attached white collar, and the right shirt collar. The back stud is shorter as it needs no penetration.


Suspenders are a great way to accessorize your look. They are a great alternative to belts, so this means that you are not supposed to wear a belt with a suspender; wear either, and you are good to go! Suspenders do a good job when it comes to holding your pants up, while the belt keeps the shirt well- tucked in as you dance. What you wear depends on your preference.

Grade Code Suspenders are made using thick and durable leather. The men’s X back suspenders are designed to ensure that you have the support you need. The leather is thick for durability but remains soft to enhance comfort.  The suspenders come with four clips, which are durable as compared to those of most premium suspenders.  An elastic strap and a metal buckle ensure you can easily adjust these suspenders to your fit. The suspenders will easily blend into your outfit and ensure that you look your best each time you step out for swing dancing.


If you need to stand out from the crowd, then a bowtie is a great accessory to consider. There are two types of bowties to choose from; standard bowties are mainly available in two colors, black and white, while the smooth ties come in several colors to consider. Most bowties are attached to the shirt using a Velcro or a clip to ensure that the tie remains in place as you dance.

Ausky 8 Pack Elegant Bowties come in different colors, making it easy to choose from the eight that will seamlessly blend with your outfit. The bowties are pre-tied to enhance convenience. They are handmade using polyester silk material, which means you get a high-quality tie at an affordable price. You can wear the bowties to any event of your choice besides swing dancing, formal or informal; you will look amazing.


Hats have been resurging over the last few years. You will notice most ballroom dancers adorning the 1950s inspired hats. These hats are available in different styles; papers, felt, wool, or straw. The Ivy style cap is also popular with some types of ballroom dances.

It is best to get yourself a class style such as Fedora, Pork-pie, and Derby in the modern world of ballroom dancing. The only disadvantage of wearing a hat is that it can easily be knocked off when dancing but not when you buy the right size.

We love the Brixton Men’s Messer fedora hat. This hat features a classic modern teardrop design that ensures you look sharp and elegant each time you step out. The hat is made of pure cotton, which makes it extremely comfortable to wear. It has a sweat-wicking lining that is also water-resistant. The hat can be easily cleaned using a brush or clean cloth.

LONIY Trend Red Black is for those who are looking for a colorful fedora hat. This hat is available in different color combinations to choose from.  You can select black, yellow, green, black, and more. This is a breathable, lightweight, and elegant hat suitable for swing dancing and other ballroom dancing. It snuggly fits your head, thus minimizing chances of falling while on the dance floor.


Chains are an excellent add-on to your outfit, and they create a fashion statement that makes you stand out from the crowd. Chains should be attached to the upper part of your pants, just above the belt line. Ensure that your chain is well placed to ensure it is not snagged onto anything as you dance.

TIASRI Full Stainless Steel Trouser Chain is designed with durability in mind, and it is made of nickel-plated metal that is shiny and attractive. The chain comes with two lobster clasps on both ends for convenience. This chain is not only a fashion statement but also functions as an attachment area for your keys, wallet, and other small essential items, so you won’t have to worry about losing them as you dance.

Pre-folded Pocket Handkerchiefs

Pocket handkerchiefs are another simple way to enhance your overall look. Most suits may have a pocket for cloths, but you may need to get one if the suit you choose to wear lacks one.

Lakikey Pre-folded Pocket Squares are sold in a pack of 8; all these pre-folded pocket squares come in different colors. These pocket squares are versatile, and you can wear them to any event, formal or informal. The pockets are neatly folded to save you the struggle of folding and pinning. There is no doubt that with these pocket squares, you are likely to stand out from the rest. They are nicely packed and can make an ideal gift for men’s ballroom dancers.

Collar Clips

Collar clips attach to the collar end of your dress shirt and underneath the knot of your tie. They are meant to keep the collar in place and help create an appealing arc to your necktie. This is one of the best ways to make a sharp look for your ballroom dancing.

Hawson Custom Collar Clips come in a set of three; rose gold, Rhodium gold- and Gold-Plated Base Copper. These clips are well- polished hence long-lasting.  The clips can be worn to any event and will ensure functionality when you have them on. They are 2.5 inches long and lightweight for convenience.

Swing dancer wearing swing dance accessories

Best Swing Dance Accessories for Women

Don’t worry, gals, we’ve not forgotten about you! Here are some of the best swing dance accessories for women to consider.


If you are looking for a simple way to enhance your swing dance outfit, then a fascinator hat is worth considering.

Cizoe Fascinator Hats are designed with elegance in mind; It has a bow with pearls wrapped at the center and comes with a polka dot netting. This is an easy to wear hat thanks to its alligator clip meant to secure your hair for a distinctive look. The hat is available in one size that fits all, so there is no trial and error for this Cizoe hat. We love the fact that it is available in different colors to choose from and that it can be worn on several occasions.


Earrings are small but a very significant part of a swing dance outfit. There are several types of earrings out there, but studs are the best for any ballroom dancing, and they are excellent for everyday wearing. Studs can be easily combined with hair accessories and necklaces thanks to their small size.

Pavoi 14K Gold Plated Earring features three faux diamonds to enhance elegance to the ears. They are made of durable materials; Cubic Zirconia,925 sterling silver, and 14K gold plated with a durable, hypoallergenic coating. These are versatile earrings that you can wear to different types of dances or parties. They come in a beautiful package, which makes them an ideal gift for any swing dancer.


Gloves can be used for women whilst swing dancing, but only wear ones that won’t adversely affect the connection between you and your dance partner.

SATINIOR Ladies Lace Gloves are elegantly designed and are fit for different occasions to ensure that you look your best the moment you step out. The gloves come in three colors; black, red, and white, which easily matches with the rest of your outfits, such as swing dance dresses, evening party dresses, and more.  The gloves are short and are decorated with lace, thus making them more outstanding.

BABEYOND opera satin gloves are another great alternative to consider. The gloves are long and feature a vintage, smooth style. The gloves easily match with the rest of your accessories, such as a headband, pearl necklace, and more. You can wear gloves on several other occasions besides ballroom dancing. There are four colors to choose from, but one size fits all when it comes to size.


Comelyjewel is one of the best women’s accessory brands on the market.

This Comelyjewel Stimulated Faux Red chain comprises premium long-lasting materials that ensure its durability and versatility. This chain fits different neck widths, thanks to its 21-inch length and 2-inch extender chain. Women of different ages can wear the chain to other occasions because of its vintage chick style. The necklace will beautifully lie on your neck to bring out the fashion lover in you.

Pavoi Sterling Silver Choker is a 16-inch-long pearl chocker that is carefully designed to ensure elegance. The pearls feature luster quality and a blemish-free surface. This is a perfect necklace for those with skin allergies; it is made of nickel and lead-free materials that are also durable. This pearl necklace is versatile and comes at an affordable price.

Heel protector

A heel protector is usually made of plastic and works to extend the life of your shoes. When your shoe heel wears unevenly, it can lead to balance issues, easily cause accidents.

Solemates High Heel Protectors are made of high-quality plastic to help protect your heel against damage due to friction. These versatile heels can be used to protect your shoes when walking on the sidewalks, unstable platforms, decks, and more uneven surfaces. These protectors are ideal for slimmer heels that are about 6-8mm wide.


There you go! We have come to the end of our guide. We hope you learned how to accessorize when heading out for swing dancing. There are different designs and styles that you can try to see which one best suits your personality. Remember, accessories are meant to polish your look; so try not over-accessorize – and as always, have fun!

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