Common Salsa Class Mistakes

Common Salsa Class Mistakes to Avoid

Salsa dancing is fun, energetic, and lively. But of course, you have to learn to really get good at the dance.

When beginners start out in salsa, there are common themes that I’ve picked up over time which can significantly reduce the amount of enjoyment for beginners during class.

Here are some common salsa dance mistakes to avoid in class while you’re learning.

1. Being out of time

The dance is best enjoyed when both leaders and followers are in time, as this will allow them to move to the rhythm of the music, as well as ensuring that neither dancer steps on the foot of another.

Try to always focus on being in time. Even if you make a mistake, take a brief second to get yourself back in time with the music. Trust me, your dance partner will appreciate it.

2. Having a big ego

This is surprisingly common – especially for leads. You go to a salsa dance class to learn, not amplify your ego.

It can be very easy to mishear or straight out ignore the dance teacher if you’re too focused on looking good. Believe me, you’ll only make yourself look foolish!

Leave your ego at the door and go into a salsa class expecting to listen and learn from the teachers.

3. Forgetting the right equipment

From water bottles to wearing the best salsa dance shoes, many beginners come to lessons unequipped, and this can negatively impact your experience, as well as slowing down the class (sometimes).

Try to prepare well in advance to your salsa class so that you have the right equipment that you need to sustain throughout.

4. Dancing alone

Even if you’re trying to practice a move or you’re unsure about something, always ask someone to partner up with you so you can practice.

Salsa is a social dance for a reason – you dance it with other people. It’s okay to ask your dance teacher/instructor to help you. This is very common in beginner classes because everyone is pretty much in the same boat as you are. Don’t get embarrassed if you mess something up, it’s extremely common!

5. Being disrespectful

This goes for being disrespectful to both teachers and other dancers.

You won’t believe how many times I’ve had disrespectful individuals in my classes. Even if a teacher or other dancer is giving you pointers, you should thank them – not be rude to them.

We’re all trying our best to have fun and learn, and these can be destroyed when certain people aren’t appreciative of the help they’re receiving.

So, to sum it up, salsa dancing should be fun. Let’s keep it that way.