How to prepare for a dance class

How to Prepare for a Dance Class

Whether you’ve never danced before or are a seasoned dancer, preparation is still a very important aspect when it comes to attending a dance class. This short blog post will cover how to prepare for a dance class so that you’re well equipped for some dancing.

Wear the right clothing

This might sound self-explanatory, but I’ve come across many people attending a dance class but they aren’t wearing the right clothing. I’ve seen people wear thick shirts or jeans for a very fast-paced class, just for them to complain throughout the class about how they’re too hot or the class is progressing too quickly.

I always advise people to bring spare clothes in case they want to get changed before/after a dance class, but it’s important to consider that generally speaking, light clothing will be much more comfortable to dance in – especially during a class whereby people won’t (or shouldn’t) judge you based on your taste.

Certain types of dances can have high tempo songs, which makes this point even more important. One example of this is swing dancing (especially Charleston and sometimes also Lindy Hop). If this is something you can relate to, we have a guide on how to dress for swing dancing.

Bring the necessary equipment

From water bottles to face towels, dance equipment is extremely important. You should treat going to a dance class just like going to any other type of class or setting. For example, if you’re going to a class in school you’ll always bring a pen, notebook or laptop with you. This is what we mean by the necessary equipment as it will help you throughout the class effectively.

There are certain types of equipment that are helpful for dancers. Water bottles to keep you hydrated, face towels in case you get all sweaty, spare clothing (as we mentioned before), and also sometimes some equipment that will help you prevent injury. For instance, if you’re prone to getting knee pain, consider bringing some dance knee pads to mitigate injury in your knees.

Don’t expect to master everything straight away

It can be easy to go into a dance class thinking it will go smoothly without any issues, but it’s important to remember that dance classes vary in terms of their sizes and skill level. If you go into a beginner dance class as a beginner, you should anticipate not being able to get everything 100% correct straight away. The same goes for intermediate dancers attending a higher skilled dance class.

Nobody is there to ridicule or belittle you for getting some steps wrong or going at a slow pace, so it’s important to be prepared to let the teacher or instructor know if you’re having trouble. Fellow dancers will almost always be happy to help you too (which is why I love dance communities).

Lastly, prepare to have fun

Dancing is a wonderful activity and dancing is important for many reasons. Remember to have fun and enjoy the dance class, because at the end of the day, having fun is what it’s all about!

Dance classes are starting up again too so make sure you have fun while respecting the rules and regulations of different dance classes. If you want some more information, read up on how to dance safely after Covid-19.