How do I get better at swing dancing?

How Do I Get Better at Swing Dancing?

Swing dancing is an extremely fun dance that allows you to style and be yourself.

However, many people ask me how they can improve at swing dancing.

After you’ve learned how to dress for swing dancing, it’s important to move from the aesthetics to your performance.

The following tips will help you get better at swing dancing:

1. Attend swing dance classes

There is no better way to improve your skills and technique than attending a swing dance class.

Having a teacher to help you is critical when you’re starting out, and you also get to dance with many people, which will help prepare you for social dances and swing dance parties.

There are usually different levels within a swing dance class, from beginners to improves and intermediates to advanced.

It’s best to attend many classes at your current level before trying out a more difficult class.

The reason for this is that you will eventually become confident in your current ability, and feel like it’s time to challenge yourself even more.

2. Get a dance partner

Practice makes perfect, and that’s why you should consider getting a dance partner.

You can practice different moves and techniques with your partner, and this will help elevate your dancing because you aren’t restricted by time as you normally would during a class.

Try to find a dance partner with a similar level to your dancing, because you can practice and improve together without anyone feeling like they’re already too good for that particular level.

If you don’t know where to find a dance partner, the best way is to find them at your local swing dance class – as it’s more likely that you’re within a close proximity of one-another.

3. Watch online videos

If you find yourself lost for inspiration or have no time to venture out to a swing dance class, you can always find some great videos online that will teach you some swing dance moves.

There is a lot of content out there on YouTube, so it’s worth scrolling through videos until you find ones that peak your interest.

Remember, the various teachers in these videos may have different techniques or provide slightly different explanations for different swing dancing moves. For this reason, you should watch several videos about the same move you’re trying to learn, and that way, you can find a video that better suits your style (or one that you can understand better).

4. Listen to swing music

Swing dancing is all about the music and feeling the rhythm.

In your spare time, consider listening to some swing dance music and move your feet to the beat of the songs.

It’s also important to do this for when you come to a swing dance party, as if a song comes up that you know off by heart, it’ll be easier for you to prepare for any breaks in the song, or times where you can do some styling.

Feeling the groove in swing dancing is important, so it’s highly recommended that you listen to swing music regularly.