Dance motivation during a pandemic

Dance Motivation During a Pandemic

It has been almost one year since the news of coronavirus striking countries worldwide, and dancing is one activity that has been hurt massively.

With dance classes having to shut indefinitely, many people have found it hard to remain positive and continue finding ways to dance.

If you’re reading this blog post, you’re most likely looking for motivation to get you back on your feet and start dancing!

Whether you’ve been dancing for a long time or are looking for the easiest dances to learn for beginners, the following tips will help you stay motivated and you’ll learn how to dance during a pandemic.

1. Attend virtual solo dance events

One way to keep active at home is to find online dancing events where you can follow the instructions of the teacher.

This is something I’ve done a lot in the past year and it’s been great fun to join others from around the world all dancing together (but virtually, of course).

You can find various Facebook groups related to dance that will host these events often, or you can search for them on YouTube.

2. Create a routine

If you want to keep yourself motivated, try creating a routine around dance that will keep you dancing regularly.

You may want to take 10 minutes of each day to dance, and then try to make this consistent every single day.

Tracking this as a form of a habit will help you assess whether or not you’re sticking to your routine.

You can also switch it up by trying to dance different styles on each day of the week, so you at least have something different to do each day.

3. Join online dance communities

There are hundreds of different online dance communities out there, from Facebook groups to Reddit subreddits.

Join a group where the desired behavior to dance is the norm within the group, and this acts as a perfect way to get yourself motivated to dance again.

You can communicate with group members and make new friends, and because they’ll all be interested in dancing, you’ll find it much easier to take part in group activities.

4. Try habit stacking

Habit stacking is when you attach another habit to a habit you are currently implementing.

For example, if you exercise twice a week for 15 minutes at a time, try to double this to 30 minutes and add an extra 15 minutes of dancing after you finish exercising.

The reason for doing this is that you can build new habits easier, and the relatedness of the added habit will make it easier to follow through with.

5, Incentivize yourself

Another great way to keep dancing during a pandemic is to incentivize yourself with a satisfaction element.

A satisfaction element must be there to keep yourself motivated. This should be variable so that you don’t get bored and risk stopping again.

You can also utilize commitment devices, which are actions you do in the present that determine future actions.

For example, buying new dancing shoes for your home may improve the quality of your dancing and encourage you to dance more.