Dance safety after Covid

How to Dance Safely after Covid-19

It’s been a while since I’ve made a post on this blog, and I’ve spent the past several months liaising with dance instructors, schools and colleges about how dancers can safely start dancing after Covid.

If you’re getting back into the world of dance soon, consider getting some dance knee pads to help ease yourself back into it.

The purpose of this blog post is to make you aware of the safety protocols for when dance comes back to life after the coronavirus pandemic. With that said, here are five ways to dance safely after Covid.

Sanitize your hands regularly

If you’re going to start partner dance again, be it swing dancing or salsa, you should check if the venue or studio has hand sanitizer stations. This is extremely important because you will be touching people’s hands frequently and there will often be a diverse mix of dancers on the floor.

We all need some dance motivation during Covid, and the thought of dance returning stronger than ever is a huge positive that we should all embrace and look forward to.

Don’t go dancing if you feel unwell

If you feel unwell or have Covid-19 symptoms, it’s better to just stay at home until you get better or get a test to prove that you haven’t got the virus. By going to dance when unwell, you’re putting other people at risk of being infected – so please don’t be a jerk!

Maintain social distancing wherever possible

If you’re in a large dance class it’s important that people are spread out properly to avoid unnecessary close contact. Of course you may be dancing with a lot of different people, but the concept of social distancing is still important to make everyone feel safe in a dancing environment.

Wear a face mask

Unless you feel like dancing will be severely difficult, you should try to wear a face mask while dancing. It might not be the most comfortable thing to do, but dancing with a face mask will help avoid spreading the virus to other dancers. Ask your dance teachers/organizations about whether or not face masks are mandatory.

Bring spare clothing

Try to bring some spare clothes so that you can change after your dance session. It’s better to feel clean after dancing than to wear the same clothes on your way home.

If you can’t bring spare clothes, make sure you keep yourself clean by washing your hands thoroughly and taking a shower after dancing.