Best Shoes for Zumba

Best Shoes for Zumba Dancing (Updated for 2022)

Zumba is one of the best ways to get into shape while having fun. The problem is, some moves can be quite hard on your feet. Having the right shoes for Zumba dancing is important, and it can become especially complicated for individuals who suffer from foot ailments such as plantar fasciitis.

In addition to the above, research shows that about 20% of Zumba dancers experience some injury, and most of them are due to incorrect footwear. The best Zumba shoes are designed to ensure that dancers remain injury-free for every session.

These particular shoes are flexible, lightweight, and offer the right amount of grip to ensure that you glide along the floor seamlessly while protecting your ankles, feet, heel, and knees.

Fortunately, there are several best Zumba shoes in the market. However, it can be hectic to decide which shoe best suits your Zumba routine as these shoes come with different features.

In this article, we discuss some of the vital features of the best Zumba shoes. Also, in this article are 8 pairs of the best shoes reviewed in detail to help you make the best decision.

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Best Shoes for Zumba: Buyers Guide

It can be extremely frustrating when you buy shoes that cannot meet your Zumba dancing needs. Fortunately, there are some factors that you can consider before deciding to buy a specific pair of Zumba shoes. Read through our buyers’ guide to know what to look for in the best Zumba shoes.

1) Shock absorption – The best shock absorbing materials are foam and rubber or a combination of the two. The best Zumba shoes will have extra cushioning close to the insole for enhanced shock absorption. Tiles or concrete floors will require that you choose a shoe with a high shock-absorption index to prevent ankle- related injuries, shin splints, or stress fractures. For those carpeted dance floors, you should then consider a lightly cushioned Zumba shoe.

2) Breathability – Your Zumba dancing shoes should be breathable to keep you well ventilated during your dance, which is physically intense. Non- breathable Zumba shoes will cause excess sweating and odor. The best Zumba shoes are designed using a durable mesh upper to ensure you have enough breathability, thus comfort during the dance duration. This also explains why Zumba shoes are made of lightweight materials; mainly, the uppers feature seamless overlays for comfortable cooling.

3) Weight – Going for a Zumba class is almost like going to a cardio lesson. For this reason, you need a shoe that lets you move fast and seamlessly. The best Zumba shoes are made of lightweight material to ensure that they remain light for fast movements. Experts recommend that you ensure you don’t feel the shoe as you move; if you do, then chances are you have a heavy pair, and that will not optimize your performance.

4) Flexibility – With Zumba dancing, there is always lots of articulation through the feet and effortless contact with the floor. For this reason, you need Zumba shoes that allow for easy movement through the sole and one that will not obstruct your movement. With such shoes, the midsoles are designed to bend a little without compromising support. Flexibility is an essential factor to look into when shopping for the best Zumba shoes.

5) Sole – Sole is another vital factor that you can ignore when searching for an ideal Zumba shoe. There are special features that come with Zumba shoes, and you should ensure that the pair you choose features them all.

A split sole is a sole which features a separate sole for the toes, heel, and the ball of the feet. These soles are best for experienced Zumba dancers as their feet are already strong from years of continued practice. The split sole designed Zumba shoes are great for flexibility, but they do not offer adequate arch support.

Pivot points usually allow for easy turning while dancing. Pivot pivots are circular spot on the midsole that lets you a free spin. Without a pivot point, your shoes will grip on the floor hence affecting your movement.

A heel counter is another feature found in Zumba dancing shoes. A heel counter is the part of the sole that that cups the foot’s heel. Zumba shoes with a heel counter give more stability and support to keep your ankle protected from injuries. It is also essential to ensure that your Zumba shoes come with an Achilles notch in its high encounter to allow for tensing of the Achilles; without this mechanism, your shoes can create friction, resulting in blisters and feet pain.

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Best Shoes for Zumba Dancing

The Ryka Influence was designed to offer cushioning for high impact dancing at a low price. The shoes are made of synthetic materials and breathable mesh to increase durability and breathability.

The shoes have incredible traction to offer you the control and stability you need to slide and turn even when moving fast so that your steps are flawless and effortless.

This best Zumba shoe provides a smooth front fit and a roomy toe box to decrease pressure between your toes. They are quite tight at the back for a snug fit.

The heel has adequate support to reduce fatigue irrespective of how long you dance.



This A-list Zumba shoes from the Zumba company is best suited for high energy dance moves. This shoe is built to protect your foot regardless of vigorous your dance moves are.

The uppers are made of synthetic material and mesh materials, which allow for comfortable breathability while remaining long-lasting. The collar is tapered soft enough and will not cause friction to the ankles or the heel.

The Z- slide design on the soles is mainly intended to enhance fast and seamless movements.  Additionally, the shoe features an air technology that is vital in cushioning each move you make. Both of these technologies reduce foot fatigue, thus ensuring you are in an excellent position to enjoy your dance.

The sole is made of synthetic, and it offers excellent cushioning as well as support.

There are several colors of this shoe to choose from; there is no doubt that this shoe is perfect in every way.



Zumba Energy Boom is perfect at delivering comfort at all times. These shoes feature a funky modern design that goes beyond the ordinary, thus ensuring you have a relaxing time on the dance floor and stand out from the crowd.

These best Zumba shoes are made of high-quality material to ensure utmost durability and functionality.  The uppers are made of synthetic material and mesh, which makes them long-lasting and lightweight.

The shoe features Z-slide technology, which gives its a boost and irresistibility than a good number of premium Zumba shoes. This technology allows you to slide seamlessly across the dance floor whenever needed.

The lightweight but extra padded insoles hug your feet excellently while providing the comfort you need for all-day dancing. The PU insoles are removable in case you wish to replace them with orthotics for extra cushioning. The padded tongue and collar help keep your feet secured and well-padded against tension.

We love that the shoe comes with a small heel tab that allows for easy pull off and on.



If you’re looking for a Zumba shoe that features supreme stability, then you might want to consider this great sneaker from Violin.

The uppers do a great joint to hold the foot right in place. The mesh material is highly breathable, thus adequate ventilation for extra comfort. There are additional synthetic overlays that add some elegance to the shoes’ design.

The midsoles are designed to protect your feet from impact. The insole insert is firm but maintains its flexibility to allow ease of movement; it is also removable if you wish to replace them with custom cushions. The insole also has a raised arch that prevents the foot from rolling, thus maintaining stability in the heel area.

The outsole of this Violin sneaker is made of firm rubber designed to be long-lasting and resistant to wear and tear. The forefoot comes with flexible grooves to enhance movement; the thread does a great job delivering adequate grip on different dance floors.

The laces let you adjust for a snug fit so that you have good comfort as you head out for dancing. The collar and tongue are padded to decrease comfort that may result from pressure applied by the laces.

This best Zumba shoe features the first ray technology, which is simply a soft structure of the other outsole parts; this feature ensures that the metatarsal joints seamlessly.



There is so much to love about these Zumba dance shoes. First, these are one of  the best Zumba dancing shoes that are designed to offer comfort, durability, and breathability – without compromising style.

These are ultra-light best Zumba shoes that will ensure you get the best out of each performance. The TurnZone technology featured in this shoe allows for easy turn and spin so that you can get to enjoy every move you make.

The shoes’ uppers are soft and extremely comfortable. The uppers are made neoprene to ensure durability and adequate support. It also has decent ankle support and sidewall stability to makes you have good support for quick movements. Additionally, there is mold around the high arches so that you can be assured of excellent heel support.

The midsole is exceptionally flexible and supported. Furthermore, the pivot point on the sole does a good job ensuring that you have constant foot movement without any issue. The flexible bootie design also allows for an effortless fit.



The Bloch Trinity Dance Sneaker is one of the best Zumba shoes out there. These are incredibly lightweight, which makes spinning and turning effortlessly. Bloch Trinity’s durability is durable thanks to their soft leather construction that also combines mesh for flexibility and long-lasting effect.

The uppers are made of mesh, which provides incredibly high breathability than most premium Zumba dance shoes. You can wear these shoes all day long, and your feet will remain dry even and odor-free.

The inner lining sock is contoured and removable; these ensure that you have more feet support and can replace the original insoles with custom ones for added support.

The midfoot is made of a stretchy mesh all-round, which is also the flexibility to ensure that you can make different spins and turns without risks of falls.



Capezio is known for designing super solid dancing shoes for both men and women. These best shoes for Zumba are designed with EVA padded midsole for increased comfort. The insoles are also well- padded to ensure that your feet have stronger impact absorption.

These Capezio Zumba shoes come with a padded heel to protect your Achilles from injuries resulting from continuous vigorous movement on the dance floor. Achilles protection is not standard in Zumba shoes, and this is one reason why these shoes are among the best you can get for your next Zumba dance.

The extra cushioning arch support and extra padding will absorb shock to give you the best comfort like never before. These features make the Capezio Women’s Rockie one of the best dancing shoes for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. The roomy toe box lets you perform different dance moves without creating pressure on your toes. The soles are non-marking and flexible so that you can move around with ease.

We love the extensive features that come with these Capezio Women’s Rockit Zumba shoes; these shoes are priced on the high side but well worth the price.



Here is one of the best mens shoes for Zumba that offers support and stability without draining your bank account. The shock-absorbing soles are great at getting rick of sudden shock that may occur with vigorous movements. You will enjoy the bouncy and floaty feeling that comes with these adequately padded insoles.

The midsole features a bouncy effect that lets you perform repetitive movements. The lightweight design ensures that your ankle is free of fatigue even after long hours of continuous dancing.

These best men’s Zumba shoes feature a prominent heel that helps keep your feet flat on the floor, thus improving stability and balance for better performance.



Honorable Mentions

The following shoes didn’t make it on our list, but they’re still great shoes for Zumba that you should check out:

  • Ryka Women’s Vivid RZX Cross Trainer – an excellent option for Zumba dancers looking for a stable dance shoe at a reasonable price. These best Zumba shoes are made of synthetic materials and highly breathable mesh; these materials ensure that the shoe remains well ventilated and durable for a long time to come. The shoe comes with excellent traction on the outsole to help you gain control and stability with fast movement.  The Ryke influence has a perfect fit and has adequate room for your toes to move freely. These best Zumba shoes are versatile hence usable for different dance training besides Zumba.
  • Zumba Air Classic Remix Dance Shoes – feature a top-notch design that will ensure you look and look good as you enjoy the comfort and support that comes with these best Zumba shoes. The shoes feature a Z-slide technology to allow for easy mobility and flexibility on the dance floor. The uppers of the shoe are made of synthetic materials, which ensures that the shoe remains lightweight so that you can dance for as long as possible without experiencing fatigue. The removable PU insole enhances support, and amazingly, you can replace them with orthotics, especially when you need more help. Zumba Air Classic has excellent lateral support to keep you stable and comfortable all day long.
  • Zumba Fly Fade Dance Sneaker – comes with excellent stability and support at the midfoot area to ensure that your ankle is well protected with different movements on the dance floor. These shoes are incredibly breathable to ensure that your feet are well ventilated for a comfortable dance. These are one of the best Zumba shoes that feature Z-slide technology, as well as an EVA midsole to ensure that you have all the support and comfort you need to perform all types of dance moves. This is a great shoe to consider if you are looking for extra comfort for long hours of dancing.
  • Bloch Women’s Evolution Dance Sneaker – one of the most comfortable and lightweight Zumba shoes on the market.  The sneakers have a unique but dynamic muscle stretch mesh that increases flexibility as well as support. The upper part of the shoe is made of mesh to ensure you have enough ventilation and an odorless experience even after long dancing hours. There is a removable contoured sock liner that is adjustable to your fit to provide additional support and comfort. We love the shoe’s split sole design that is not only stylish but also features excellent traction on all dance floor surfaces, and the sole is also non-marking.
  • ASICS Women’s Rhythmic 2 Cross Training Shoe – the best choice for those in search of a low profile best Zumba shoes. Asics is well known for its stylish and durable design, and that explains its popularity. These are a great lightweight option at a low price. Asics Rhythmic features an EVA foam midsole that helps increase comfort and the grip you need as you perform different styles on the dance floor. The shoe’s size runs large, and it is advisable to order a half a size smaller than the size you wear.

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