Best shoes for swing dancing

Best Shoes for Swing Dancing (2022 Update)

When starting to learn swing dancing, the best piece of kit you need straight away are shoes. The best swing dancing shoes ensure that you remain comfortable on the dance floor and can perform at your best.  The saying “you’re only as good as the shoes you wear” is true when it comes to swing dancing; as your shoes can either build or destroy your confidence when dancing. A good dancing shoe is no longer a luxury; it is a necessity for comfort and performance.

Finding the best shoes for swing dancing doesn’t have to be hectic – as we’ve done all the homework for you! We reviewed the top shoes for swing dancing for both women and men to help you pick one that best suits your taste.

Best swing dancing shoes

Best Shoes for Swing Dancing: 2022 Buyer’s Guide

We know how important it is to find the right swing dancing shoes, because we’ve tried so many great (and not so great) ones. If you’re wondering what shoes to wear swing dancing, we’ve listed some of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best shoes for swing dancing.

1) Materials and soles – You can’t afford to get the wrong material if you’re looking for dance floor perfection. The ideal upper materials for swing dancing shoes are satin, suede leather, lambskin, and microfiber.

There is a lot that can go wrong on the dance floor if you choose a shoe with a wrong sole.  The ideal sole should have a moderate grip, not too loose or tight; a tight grip might cause falls while loose sole grip can cause sliding as you change positions during the dance. Different swing dancers prefer different sole types, depending on how best they want to slide around on the dance floor.

Leather swing dancing shoes are our personal favourite; the material is long-lasting, comfortable and timeless. Plus, leather soles make for very spinny dance moves (but if you want to feel sturdier on the dance floor, go for rubber soles).

2) Cushioning – Cushioning is another vital aspect to look into when looking for good swing dancing shoes. An ideal dance shoe should have a soft cushioned insole to absorb shock from vigorous dance moves. Consider shoes that come with a cotton heel, as the cushioning provides extra support – especially during many hours of dancing. Swing dancers with sweaty feet should avoid cotton due to its inability to absorb water, but instead go for fabric lining, which is great for wicking away moisture.

3) Heel size – For beginner swing dancers, it might not be easy to move in heels. It takes a lot of practice to balance on heels. Heels come in different shapes, and this largely affects the comfort whilst wearing them.

Flared heels are quite popular among swing dance beginners thanks to their larger surface area that enhances support. However, stilettoes require experience and are popular among professional or more experienced swing dancers.

To avoid issues that come with choosing the wrong heel size, you need to start with a shorter heel and build on the height over time. The idea is to be comfortable with each heel size. In general, the best swing dance shoes come with a heel of about 2 inches which expert dancers recommend.

4) Fit – The best swing dancing shoes are those that fit well. A shoe that slides can easily lead to a loss of balance while on the dance floor. Laced or strapped swing dance shoes should remain flexible enough so you can move easily on the floor. Remember, the most important thing is to have your feet held securely while remaining flexible for various dance moves that you’re leading or following.

We’ve found that sometimes choosing shoes that are half size smaller than your actual size will allow for perfect fitting. However, the shoes should feel comfortable when you first wear them to prevent pressure on the feet and blisters.

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Best Swing Dancing Shoes for Women

Capezio is an industry leader in manufacturing reliable and affordable dancing shoes. Capezio Women’s Jr. Footlight Dance Shoes have a classy look that easily blends with most wardrobe outfits.

The shoe’s heel is just right for every swing dancer. Both beginners and intermediates can get to enjoy the 1.5-inch heel support comfortably. We love the quality non-slip heel counter that features an Achilles notch – which is perfect for releasing pressure from repeated dance moves (especially ones that involve twists).

If you are looking for an extra padded insole swing dancing shoes, then you will definitely appreciate these Capezio Women’s Jr. Footlight Dance Shoes. The insole features an arch cookie which enhances support and comfort with every step.

The 1mm PU leather has a smooth edge that seamlessly runs on top of your feet to prevent slipping, and enhances firmness. The brushed microfiber in the insole competently absorbs moisture that is common when dancing for long periods of time. With the leather sole, you’ll have excellent flexibility on the floor, and it’ll make your dancing feel unrestricted and free-flowing..



Jig Foo is a renowned swing dance shoe brand. This company has always designed dance shoes that are not only stylish, but very comfortable.

These shoes are ideal for beginner swing dancers. They are made of leather and synthetic, making them lightweight and durable.

They also have a strap for custom fitting. The Cuban heel ensures that you get the needed support as you’re swingin’. We love the metal shank on this heel; the shank reduces the friction between the dance floor and the shoe heel.

When looking for fast mobility on the dance floor, go for these Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance shoes; the pair comes with a quick-release buckling suede sole. Additionally, the suede sole capitalizes of wear resistance for increased durability.

Jig Foo Women’s Pumps Dance shoes come with an EVA inner sole that ensures you have enough comfort as you move around the dance floor.

Once you own a pair of these shoes, you can wear them to different dances, too, including Samba, Salsa, Latin, and Rumba.



Keds Champion sneakers are known are popular among sportswomen. However, their comfort and firm construction make them one of the best swing dancing shoes for women. The sneaker is elegantly designed to fit the modern style of many swing dancers.

You will love the soft canvas material that is sweat absorbent. This material remains firm even after several washes and seamlessly withstands wear and tear based on our extensive testing.

The inner sole comes with extra cushioning, making it very comfortable to wear every time. The rubber sole ensures that you don’t slide too much on the dance floor, yet these shoes won’t stick on the floor, either. The rubber sole is also very durable and reliable.

These are definitely one of the best swing dancing sneakers, and are available in many different colors. Keds Women’s Champion Sneakers are the best all-day swing dancing shoes that come at a fair price.



Ollio Women’s flat shoes are ideal for swing dancers looking for a shoe with a vintage touch. This shoe is all about classy design, comfort, and performance.

There is no doubt that these Ollio Women’s shoes are one of the best flat swing dancing shoes available. The materials are high quality, which makes the shoes long-lasting and easy to maintain.

This classic shoe has a rubber sole which offers the right amount of traction for dancing in all types of floors. It is also lightweight and securely padded for extra comfort and movement.



Capezio Women’s Mary Jane tap shoe is another contender for the best swing dancing shoes, ideal for those looking for stylish and beginner-friendly swing dance shoes.

This Capezio Women’s Tap Shoe is made with a long-lasting rubber sole that enables you to move seamlessly on the dance floor. The non-slip heel counter ensures that you remain steady during dancing, even on very slippery dance floors.

The shoes are adequately cushioned, providing better impact resistance. They also come with a brushed micropoly lining that wicks away any moisture on your feet – keeping your feet as dry as possible.

This Capezio tap shoe has an adjustable ankle strap that allows for proper fit.  This is the best swing dancing shoe for those with wide and narrow feet; as it can be adjusted to fit any foot size perfectly.



Best Swing Dancing Shoes for Men

Men’s Dickson Lace-Up Oxford shoes feature an irresistible elegant make. Over the years, Stacy Adams has focused on designing beautiful and comfortable dancing shoes.

If you love earth tone colors and a classic cap-toe design, then you will love the rich brown color that effortlessly matches with the rest of your outfit. The extra cushioned memory innersole foam in these shoes will absorb shock as you move your feet on the dance floor.

The shoe is made of pure leather, which makes them extremely long-lasting. This  breathable pair ensures that you have a comfortable swing dancing session every time.

If you know Stacy Adams, then you know they are all about style, comfort, and durability. This Stacy Adams men’s Dickson shoe is an example of a perfect swing dance that is all about attention to detail, and will have other dancers looking in your direction.



This swing dancing shoe from Gogodance is a product of high-quality leather. The shoes feature a modern style that blends well with almost all outfits, while offering exceptional comfort, too.

This is the best value swing dancing shoe on the market that’s also beginner-friendly. There is so much to love about its design. The suede sole and lightweight materials ensure that you can easily move around the floor without tiring your feet. Also, the shoes can be worn for other types of dancing thanks to their breathability and cushioning.

The anti-slip feature enhances your confidence, which comes in handy when dancing on slippery floors. This is one of the few best shoes for swing dancing that focuses on style –  without compromising on performance.



If you’re looking for a pair of swing dancing shoes that leave your feet happy even after a long dancing session, think Capezio Men’s SD103 Social Dance Shoes. These shoes are  versatile and well-designed to match modern dancing outfits.

The shoe is made from synthetic materials which gives it a simple well-calculated look. The shoe’s heel is EVA wrapped while its top is made from fine suede for durability. The 1-inch heel is perfect for various types of dancing, too.

Your foot stays in place as you dance thanks to the shoe’s heel counter that is designed for extra support and hold. The inner soles are made of a soft padded sponge that helps absorbs shock, which is handy in some more rigorous types of swing dance like Charleston.

For a firmer construction, Capezio Men’s SD103 has a padded top that also protects your feet from friction. These shoes are comfortable on slippery floors and great for intermediate swing dancers.

Capezio Men’s SD 103 is one of the best shoes for swing dancers who need stylish, versatile, and stable dancing shoes.



Pastry Glam offer the best swing dancing canvas pumps. This is for swing dancers that are looking for a casual style yet comfortable swing dancing shoes. This shoe is popular among sporty swing dance enthusiasts; and is a perfect balance of both worlds.

The Pastry Glam Pie Glitter Dance Shoe combines style, class, and comfort.  This is a serious shoe for any swing dancer who wants to make a bold fashion statement.

Apart from its attractive looks, the shoe also banks in comfort.  They are not the best-padded shoes for swing dancing, but they offer enough cushioning for occasional wear. For frequent wearing, you might need to buy a separate inner sole for more comfort and long-lasting firmness.

The shoe is available in four different colors, but please be reminded that this shoe might not serve you as well for regular swing dancing unless you buy a better-padded insole.



Tuxedo shoes might be from the 1960s, but they seamlessly fit into the contemporary swing dancing style. These are formal shoes with a classy touch, perfect for swing dancers looking for a serious pair of dance shoes. These shoes are designed to match any outfit thanks to their clean and elegant style.

Faranzi Oxford Patent Leather shoes are made of high-quality synthetic materials which makes them durable and warm for regular use. The shoes are cushioned for extra support and are ideal for many hours of dancing.

The inner sole is soft and manages to prevent shocks that come from vigorous and prolonged dancing. The stacked 1.2-inch heel makes it beginner-friendly and very comfortable.

The only downside with these shoes is that they come in larger sizes, although you should pick a size smaller for the shoes to fit better. Make sure you try them sooner rather than later if you choose to buy them online; as you may have to return them for the correct size before the return period has finished.

Faranzi Oxford Patent Leather dress shoes will remain in fashion for many years to come; these are the shoes to wear when you’re slightly unsure about what your swing dance outfit would be – you can never go wrong with this clean style.



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Honorable Mentions

The following swing dance shoes didn’t make it on our list, but they’re still top-rated shoes that you should check out:

  • Bloch Women’s Tap-Flex Tap Shoe – made with comfort in mind. They have a heel notch to help reduce the pressure on the Achilles tendons. They have a shock wave tap plates helps you stay on steady on the dance floor. Consider these swing dancing shoes if you are looking for a simple pair with a focus on comfort.
  • Rockport Cobb Hill Women’s Dance Pumps – made for swing dancers who spend many hours on the dance floor. Featuring EVA foam, these shoes are extremely comfortable and breathable. The shoes are made from pure leather for increased durability.
  • Eastland Women’s Sadie Oxford – perforated overlay designed flat swing dance shoe. These are one of the best swing dance shoes for wide feet. It has an EVA inner sole for easy mobility. This is a lightweight shoe for frequent swing dancing.
  • Capezio Women’s CG17 Fluid Tap Shoes – another pair of shoes by Capezio that does the job. Whilst they’re not the most colorful swing dance shoes on the market, they are firm and comfortable; making them a great option to consider.
  • Miller & Ben Tap Shoes – for those willing to spend a little more for colorful, comfy dancing shoes. These shoes are pricey but a perfect choice for professional swing dancers. The shoes are designed to be worn for long hours without causing fatigue, bunions or swelling on your feet.
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