Best Salsa Dance Shoes

Best Salsa Dance Shoes (Updated for 2022)

Wearing the best salsa dance shoes is a vital part of your dancing journey because they’ll ensure maximal comfort for several hours on the dance floor, while enhancing your performance and overall look.

When it comes to choosing the best salsa shoes, it may depend on one’s preference; however, with several styles and brands to choose from, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Fortunately, our detailed buyers’ guide will help you identify key factors to consider when buying a pair of salsa dancing shoes.

In this article, we reviewed the 10 best salsa dance shoes for women and men that were researched, selected from several markets, and tested by our team. We ensured that our picks met the standard criteria for the best salsa shoes so that you don’t have to budget for any other pair.

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Best Salsa Dance Shoes: Buyers Guide

We know the importance of having the best shoes for salsa dancing, and it’s often tricky to pick the right one for you. Have a read of some of the most important factors to consider when looking for the best salsa dance shoes,

1) Fitting – The salsa dancing shoes you buy should offer proper fitting and sizing for your feet. The best women’s salsa shoes come with a strap that is adjustable to help secure the shoe to your fit for that perfect fitting. The straps also hold the shoe in place, thus preventing slip-offs when performing vigorous moves.

Your shoes should also be the right size for your feet – they should not be too small or large. This is to ensure that you remain comfortable throughout your dance session.

2) Materials – Suede leather or pure leather is the most common salsa shoe materials. Some shoes are also made of soft materials such as felt and lambskin; however, these soft materials comes at a high price. Shoes made from lambskin and felt are mainly made for indoor salsa dancing; if you are not so comfortable changing shoes when at an event, you might want to consider shoes made of leather or Nubuck suede leather.

Nubuck suede leather and Leather material are ideal when it comes to both outdoor and indoor salsa dancing. They are steady and offer enough upper support for various moves on the dance floor. These shoes are also durable and easy to maintain.

3) Heel size – Your feet and ankle must remain supported as you dance. The best women’s best salsa dance shoes are made of a quality shank that runs from the heel through the arch of your shoe. Shanks can also be made of plastic, polyurethane, vinyl, and metal. The type of shank used to make the shoe you buy determines the flexibility you get while on the dance floor. It is important to remember that you need adequate flexibility for excellent flicks and fast movements.

The men’s salsa dance shoes can be made with a shank or without a shank. The shoes without a shank will allow you to easily point your toes, but they will not offer you the right amount of support for your feet and ankles. In addition to this, it has been noted that shoes without a shank often cause the leather to crack. When it comes to the heel size, it is recommended that you choose a heel type that will ensure comfort and support at all times. The right heel size will enhance your confidence and your overall performance while on the dance floor.

For men, a ½ inch heel is recommended for both ballroom and Latin dancing. Women can wear up to 2.5 inches, as recommended by salsa dance experts. Different salsa shoe comes with varying heel heights. Stilettos are ideal for advanced salsa dancers as they are elegant and add to your height.

The flared heel type offers more support and is more stable, thus perfect for intermediate dancers. Beginners with dance floor confidence can comfortably wear shoes with these heels.

Low heels are excellent for beginners and ideal for practice. They have enough support and stability to help new salsa dancers build confidence on the dance floor.

4) Soles – One of the most vital aspects of the best salsa shoes is the soles. Salsa dance is all about sliding, gliding, and abrupt stopping. For this reason, you will need a solid sole that will support each movement on the dance floor.

You can wear almost any comfortable shoe for salsa dancing. However, you have to remember that the type of shoes you choose will determine your performance on the dance floor.

Dress shoes, sneakers, and loafer have a rubber sole, making them excellent for traction, durability, and grip. However, rubber or polyurethane sole stick on the dance floor easily causes injuries if you are not careful.  The best salsa dancing shoes are made of suede or leather soles.  Leather features excellent surface traction and is ideal for indoor and outdoor dancing. It is durable and comes with low maintenance. Suede soles have a great grip and traction; the sole is great when it comes to sliding and gliding. Suede soles are best on well-polishing floors.

5) Flexibility – Without a flexible shoe, it is unlikely that you will enjoy your dance. During salsa dance, your toes should be pointed to ensure that you perform each move as needed. Flexible shoes will enable you to flex your ankle and point your toes without any issue. Without a flexible shoe, you will likely injure your toes and eventually drop out of your dance.

Apart from the heel type, the shoe’s upper affects the flexibility you get when wearing a particular shoe. The shoes’ uppers should be made of soft material to allow for easy movement as you dance.

6) Ailments – If you have foot issues such as tendonitis, fasciitis, or bunions, it is advisable to go for flat salsa shoes such as sneakers. Sneakers are comfortable and feature extra cushioning on the sole for the kind of support you need.

Thick socks, when worn with sneakers, help prevent skin allergies and blisters.

7) Color – Salsa dancing shoes are available in different colors to choose from. However, experts recommend that you select a shoe similar to your skin tone or that of the dance floor. This is one way to create uniformity and vibrance on the dance floor. Salsa dancers with darker skin tone will often buy salsa dance shoes that are beige or black.

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Best Salsa Dance Shoes for Women

YYTING is the best salsa dancing shoes for women on our list. The shoes are designed to offer comfort, support, and elegance, all at a reasonable price.

The shoes feature satin uppers with a soft well- ventilated lining. The suede insole helps cushion your feet against shock from the floor. The midsoles come with an elastic latex shank to ensure flexibility.

The shoe’s outsoles are made of a durable thick suede that allows for easy movement, while the quick-release buckle system ensures a secure fit.

This best salsa dancing shoe is available in sizes ranging from size 6 to 11 in half size increments. They are available in black or nude, and you can choose the 3 -inch heel or the 2.3-inch heel; it all depends on your level of expertise and preference.



Style, performance, and comfort – that is the TTdancewear Women’s Rhinestone shoes in a nutshell. You’ll appreciate the shoe’s uppers made of breathable satin for maximum ventilation of your feet. There is also a strap on the upper section of the shoes that features a quick-release buckle. The strap has some sparkly rhinestones all over that add to the shoe’s overall elegance.

The insole and outsole are made of pure suede leather. This design helps keep your feet comfortable as well as allow for easy movement of the toes. These best salsa dancing shoes are lightweight and extremely flexible, thus best for both beginners and seasoned salsa dancers.

TTdancewear dance shoes are available in sizes 5.5 to 10. There are two heel sizes to choose from; 2.5 inches and 3 inches. You also get seven colors to consider.



Capezio is one of the best dancing shoe brands on the market. Their shoes are designed to cater to different dance floor needs. If you are looking for an enclosed shoe with a decent heel, you might want to consider the Capezio 550 Junior Footlight shoes.

Capezio 550 Junior Footlight is among the best versatile salsa dancing shoes for young women.  The shoes’ uppers are made of synthetic polyurethane leather, which is durable and flexible. The padded foam footbed does a great job cushioning your feet, while the micro lining fiber wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry at all times.

The collar is padded for your overall support and comfort; there is also a notch for your Achilles. Capezio 550 is the pair to wear to those long rehearsals and dance events.

The adjustable ankle strap ensures that your shoe remains secure as you move on the dance floor. The heel is 1.5 inches and features a scored leather top lift for added grip and traction. The sole is durable and is perfect for different types of dance floors.



Sansha sneakers are ideal for those who prefer to wear a more comfortable flat salsa shoe. We love the shoe’s uppers that are made of mesh with suede overlays. It also has a secure lacing system that helps keep your feet in place even during vigorous dance moves. The mesh is breathable to ensure enough feet ventilation hence dry and comfortable feet all day long.

The shoe’s tongue and collar are generously padded for enhanced comfort at the ankles and uppers of your feet.

The shoe’s short heel and arch are incredibly stable to offer you the kind of support you need for footwork and all manner of dancer moves.

The soles are made of a hand-stitched double layer and feature a stacked heel. This allows you to create different moves on the dance floor without having to worry about injuries.

The shoe sizes are available from size 2 to 18 for women and up to 15 for men. You can always get the smaller sizes for your young ones. The shoe is only available in black and lacks width options to choose from.

The shoes might be priced on the higher side, but their durable construction explains it all. They are made of high quality and breathable material and also come with versatility.



Here’s yet another high-quality best salsa dancing shoe from Capezio. The Rosa Flat heeled sandal comes in a wide range of sizes and widths to choose from, making it an ideal option for different feet, sizes, and shapes.

The shoes are made with one layer of memory pad that offers decent cushioning and comfort against the dance floor’s impact.

The midsoles feature a half shank, which ensures flexibility. The crisscross ankle strap has an adjustable buckle that does a great job keeping your feet in place as you move around.

The heel is 2.5 inches and features two-piece construction to ensure that you remain stable on the dance floor regardless of your moves. The heel’s edges are folded and padded at the collar.  The notch cut out at the Achilles ensures no skin irritation occurs even after long hours of dancing.

The shoe is available in Camel satin and Black PU leather, the sizes range from size 5 to 12, and you can buy these shoes in wide and regular widths.

These are the shoes for you if you are looking for comfort and stability at a reasonable price.



Best Salsa Dance Shoes for Men

Capezio Men’s SD 103 Social is a classic example of what the best salsa looks like. If you are looking for a shoe with great traction and slip resistance, you’ll definitely want to consider it.

The shoe’s uppers are made of soft black polyurethane, which adequately hugs your feet. The insole is made of cotton lining, which is excellent in the moisture-absorbing to keep your feet dry and odor-free.

The collar is padded, and the Achilles features a notch that significantly increases your comfort. The midsoles are made of a three-quarter shank that ensures you have enough flexibility for any dance moves you make. The leg also supports your feet and cushions you against shock.

The sole of the shoes and top lift of the one-inch heel are made of suede hence allowing you to slide seamlessly on the dance floor. Capezio SD 103 features a strong heel counter and durable, secure laces that helps keep your feet in place at all times.

Capezio SD103 is available in regular and wide fittings. The sizes start from 6 to 14 and go up in half-inch increments. The shoe is versatile and can be worn to other ballroom dances.



Minishion leather salsa shoes feature an elegant modern look that will easily blend in with the rest of your outfit and ensure that you stand out anytime you are on the dance floor.

The shoe is designed using pure leather, which ensures durability and easy maintenance. The uppers are flexible, thus allowing for easy movement of your feet as you dance.

They have a unique lace design that ensures a snug fit across the top of the foot. The extra cushioned insole makes the shoe extremely comfortable to wear. The 1-inch heel provides enough support for a full range of motions without being high to obstruct your dancing.

We love most about this best salsa dancing shoe because it comes at an affordable price compared to most of its competitors.

The shoe has a great sizing, and you can easily find your size.  This is a decent shoe to consider when looking for affordability, elegance, and durability.



This is a unisex salsa dancing shoe from Rabicos. The shoes’ upper section is made of durable and breathable mesh, which ensures adequate ventilation and adds some vibrance to the shoe. The shoe’s feet’ overall upper design will remain dry and sweat-free for a longer period.

The insole is made of thick padding to offer extra cushioning for those long dance periods. You can easily wear this shoe all day long and still feel comfortable at the end of the day.

The suede sole is durable yet soft to allow for flexibility as well as needed support during your practice and competitions.

There is no doubt that this is a well-made salsa dancing shoe for beginners. This is a great option for those looking for a shoe that they can wear long without fatigue.



Linodes Tent leather shoes are are another unisex best salsa dancing shoes. This is a great option for those setting out to learn salsa and are looking for a comfortable, high-quality salsa shoe.

The shoe features a slip-on, low construction design that most salsa dancers appreciate. The shoe has soft uppers and the insole moisture absorbent material that helps keep your feet moisture and odor-free.

Linodes Tent Leather shoe comes with arch support to ensure that your ankles remain free of injuries at all times. The shoe is also flexible, and this allows us to perform different moves seamlessly.

The shoe’s small heel ensures enough support to keep your feet balanced even when you move in quick succession. The sole creates a bouncy effect, which helps reduce pain and shock. The shoe provides excellent grip and traction, which makes it ideal for different kinds of salsa dances.



This Gogodance shoe is made of high-quality materials and has an elegant look that you will appreciate. The shoe is elegantly designed to ensure you enjoy every minute on the dance floor.

This best practice salsa dancing shoe is for those looking for comfort and versatility. The shoe blends with any outfit that you may choose to put on; it can also be worn to different dances such as Jazz, Ballroom, and Tango.

The shoe is a breathable insole lining that keeps your feet dry and odor-free even when you are out practicing for long hours. The shoe is also well- padded to ensure that you have enough support and comfort as you dance.

The shoe’s lightweight and anti-slip soles will enhance your confidence and performance significantly.



Honorable Mentions

The following salsa dancing shoes didn’t make it on our list, but they’re still great products that you should check out:

  • Men’s Very Fine Salsa Dance Shoes – great choice for beginners looking for flexibility, comfort, and durability at a fair price. The shoes pose a modern design that easily blends into your outfit.  The footbed is well- cushioned to be able to offer enough support and comfort for different dance moves. These best salsa shoes are versatile, which means that they are ideal for multiple ballroom dancing and practice. These shoes can be worn all day long without causing blisters or odor, thanks to the breathability offered by the insole. The sole is made of suede, which is excellent when it comes to supporting and traction.
  • Capezio Women’s Dancesport Katusha Dance Sandal – offers flexibility, comfort, and durability, making it the best salsa dancing shoe for beginners and expert dancers. The inner sole is well- cushioned to allow maximum comfort and utmost foot protection against shock from long dancing hours. The T- the strap is adjustable and comes with a self-locking buckle for easy wearing and removing. You will appreciate the wide heel that offers maximum stability and support as you make different moves on the dance floor. Capezio Katusha is a salsa dancing shoe designed with elegance and versatility in mind.
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