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Best Dance Knee Pads (Updated for 2022)

Once dancing gets back up and running after the Covid pandemic I’m sure we’ll all be rushing to get back on the dance floor. However, our joints might be a bit flimsy – especially in and around our knees.

Keeping your knees padded and comfortable will help prepare you for your (new post-Covid) dancing activities, and it’ll still keep you performing at your best.

Even if you’ve been dancing regularly, having knee pads can help if you’ve had any knee soreness or injury. I was using knee pads for a while during my rehabilitation after a small fracture that I sustained as a child – so trust me, they’re helpful!

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While knee pads aren’t very expensive, it’s still important to consider different options that are right for you. With that said, our team has done the research so you can easily scan through and find a pair of knee pads that will suit you. So, here are our picks for the best dance knee pads.

The HUEGLO dance knee pads are made of thick Neoprene material and boast a cushioned foam. This plays an important part when bending your knees while dancing or performing other physical activities.

The foldable line on these knee pads help your knee stay in place when bent and are ergonomically designed to help prevent knee soreness. The Expanded polyethylene (EPE) also helps to reduce pain if you collide with anything (or anyone) on the dance floor, making it incredibly helpful for all dancers who want to protect their knees.

These unisex knee pads are made of high-quality polyester fabric and the middle of the knee pads includes a thin layer of sponge for added comfort. This pair of dance knee pads offers moisture wicking and breathable materials which ensure durability and comfort for long periods of dancing.

The design of these knee pads are incredibly well thought out, using both human knee joint structure and sport characteristics. The knee pads are attached directly to your knee joint and stay put without moving over time – which is especially helpful if you’re doing highly energetic dancing.

BATFE are a well-known brand and have some stylish and coloful options for dance knee pads. Apart from their look, they are also very functional. Boasting a thickened foam sponge pad that is also shock absorbent and anti-collision – maximizing the protection your knees get while dancing.

These dance knee pads are ergonomically designed and made of superb stitching technology. This makes damage unlikely and the knee pads are more durable as a result.

JMOKA offer durable and well-made knee pads for dance. They come in a variety of color choices and have a thick anti-collision sponge pad in the front of the knee pads.

The elasticity in these knee pads make the them suitable for different people’s knee curve, which is extremely helpful even if you want to gift these knee pads to a dance friend.

If you want simple yet effective knee pads, the Rtudan dance knee pads are a great choice. Its high quality build and comfortable material makes this product great for indoor and outdoor use, as well as prolonged dancing.

With four color options to choose from, you can find a pair that will look great on you. Additionally, if you want a tighter fit on your knee, opt for a smaller size (as there are four to choose from).

The first of two Lion Palace knee pads on our list. This pair of knee pads is perfect for all sorts of activities and boasts premium cotton fabric and maximal muscle support.

While there are only two colors to choose from: full black or black pink, these dance knee pads are fit for purpose and will have you dancing effortlessly without feeling any pain or soreness in your knees.

These dance knee pads from Lion Palace have significantly more color options than the previous model – and don’t miss out on the quality.

The only other difference is that these size from XXS to L, giving you more choice of how tight the knee pads will be when worn.

Our final pick is the LZEEM soft kneepads for dance. While these aren’t exclusively dance knee pads, they are great most types of dancing, including swing, salsa and jive.

With five stylish color options, these knee pads boast high quality cotton yarn and bamboo fiber material, as well as moisture wicking and high durability. They also come in sizes S/M/L.

Tips to Protect Your Knees While Dancing​

  • Always stretch before you start dancing as this will help reduce your chances of getting injured.
  • Avoid hard steps on the ground as these will usually directly impact your knees and can irritate them.
  • Wear knee pads if you feel soreness in your knees during/after dancing or if you have had any knee injuries in the past.
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