Best Ballroom Dance Shoes

Best Ballroom Dance Shoes (Updated for 2022)

Whether you are learning ballroom dancing or any other type of dance, the type of shoes you wear will determine your comfort and dance floor performance. The best shoes for ballroom dancing will protect your knees when turning and spinning. However, choosing such a shoe isn’t an easy task when there are so many players on the market.

To help you find the best shoes for ballroom dancing, we got our experts to review the top shoes to consider for your next ballroom dancing session.

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Best Ballroom Dance Shoes: 2022 Buyers Guide

Comparing different ballroom dance shoes can be time consuming and frustrating. But don’t worry, our team of experts have listed some of the most crucial aspects to consider when looking for the best ballroom dancing shoes.

1) Sizing and fit – Just like any type of shoes, ballroom dancing shoes come in different sizes and fitting. There are several brands in the market, so sizing and fitting can also vary widely. However, one thing that all dancing experts agree with is that dancing shoe should be smaller than your usual street shoes to provide a snug fit. Dancing shoes always stretch out, and that’s why it is required that they fit snuggly when you first try them on.

Some brands are known for designing shoes specifically for narrow or wide feet. For narrow feet, you need to look into a brand that specializes in such shoes or consider going for a smaller size from ordinary brands. Dancers with wide feet should consider going a size up to ensure comfort or shop from specific brands with wide ballroom dancing shoes.

2) Heel height and shape – Ballroom dancing shoes feature heels of different sizes. For women, you will come across the heel range of 2-3.5 inches and men’s range from 2-2.5 inches.  Higher heels obviously give a classic look, but the height of the heel you choose depends on your dancing skills.

For beginners, both men and women, it is recommended that you go for a lower heel and build up gradually. It takes some time and a lot of practice before you can be able to balance yourself in heels properly. The wrong choice of heel height can cause injuries and greatly compromise your health.

3) Sole – The main materials used when designing ballroom shoes are leather suede and leather. Both materials are of high quality and can withstand regular wearing. Additionally, these sole types ensure seamless spins and pivoting. They also offer stability and extra comfort for long dancing hours.

Suede sole is the most common of the two types of sole for ballroom dancing shoes. This sole enhances control as well as stability while moving on the floor. It has a perfect floor grip which allows for effortless turns. The only downside with suede soles is that they are delicate hence can damage easily, and for this reason, they are best for indoor dancing. However, with proper maintenance, you can get past this downside and enjoy dancing in your pair for a long time to come.

Most experienced ballroom dancers are likely to go for the leather sole. The sole is quite slippery and therefore needs a high level of control to avoid falls. Leather soles ensure fast turns or spins. They are perfect for outdoor dancing thanks to their durability.

4) Support – You need adequate support as you move on the dance floor. Dancing puts your arches under a lot of pressure, and for this reason, you need a shoe that offers excellent arch support.

Without enough support, your feet may pronate the wrong way hence causing injuries to your ankles, hips, and other body joints. The higher the heel, the more arch support you need.

Your ballroom dancing shoe should also be flexible to accommodate all the floppy moves and the gliding. For enhanced support, men should opt for split-sole designed ballroom shoes, and women should consider ballroom dancing shoes with a shorter shank.

5) Strap style for women’s shoes – When it comes to women’s ballroom dancing shoes, you will notice different types of straps. The T-bar straps hold the shoe in place, thus preventing it from moving forward in case you point your feet. The X straps are responsible for keeping the bottom of the shoe from getting away from your feet when as you point. You must choose ballroom dance shoes with straps. This will ensure your feet stay in place all the time.

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Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Women

The Capezio Rosa is the overall best ballroom dance shoes for women. These ballroom dancing shoes offers excellent footbed cushioning for the utmost protection of your feet. This is a multiple forefoot strap designed ballroom dancing shoes; the design ensures toes protection at all costs while the durable crisscross straps protect the ankle.

The shoe heel measures 2.5 inches which dedicatedly offers the needed stability and support. It also comes with folded edges and Achilles notch for increased comfort. The collar is also padded to eliminate friction as you move around the dance floor.

These incredible ballroom dancing shoes are available in two colours to choose from; Black PU leather and Camel.



This gorgeous pair of shoes feature an iconic 20th century style design. This versatile pair is designed to fit the occasion without compromising on performance.

The upper section of the shoe is made of high-quality satin; the shoe has a round toe area which provides adequate space for free movement of your feet as you move on the floor. You will love the T- strap design that seamlessly closes around the ankle using a buckle. This buckle comes with a high level of adjustability for a custom fit.

The shoe has a wider low heel which helps increase your stability while moving on the dance floor. This women’s best ballroom dancing shoe features a rubber and leather made sole which offers a steady grip for different fast moves. The sole is minimally sculptured to give the shoe its appealing look.

Ellie Shoes 254 Lucille will look great on you while maintaining stability and comfort that you desire for great performance.



Whilst not exclusively designed for ballroom dancing, the Olivia K classic shoes are among the best shoes for ballroom dancing. These ballroom dancing shoes are designed to offer you versatility as well as functionality.

Olivia K classic ballroom dancing shoes are stylish and elegant without compromising its performance. The footbed is adequately padded for everyday dancing. The heel is 2.5 inches which accommodate both beginner and ballroom dancers.

For some beginner ballroom dancers, the shoe might come across as uncomfortable due to its pointed front end, which decreases the overall comfort of the shoe. However, it is worth noting that the rounded toe area enhances comfort and an overall good feel whenever you have the shoes on.

Olivia K Classic dancing shoes are a great pair when you want to make a bold statement on the dance floor. They are also versatile and durable enough to be worn regularly.



This pair is one of the best shoes for ballroom dancing that come with a low-price tag. The shoes are the best option for beginner dancers who are not yet confident to dance in heels. The shoe offers excellent flexibility; you can easily make different moves without fear of injuring your feet.

These are one of the best ballroom dancing shoes that feature an EVA insole with the arch cookie to support your Achilles. They are also lined with a moisture-wicking microfiber to ensure your feet remain dry even when worn for longer hours.

The shoe comes with a small wide heel of 1.4 inches to enhance your stability while giving you an elegant look. The sole is made of thick suede to increase durability. You will love the quick release hook, which makes it possible for you to remove and put on your shoes easily.

If you are looking for a comfortable, versatile and beginner-friendly ballroom dancing shoe, then Lovely Beauty will be a great choice.



The GetMine Women’s are incredible ballroom dancing shoes ideal for beginners. The shoes come with a heel of 2.2 inches which might be a little higher for most beginners but not those with dance floor confidence.

The exterior section of the shoe is designed using top quality sequin with a bit of sparkle while the interior section features faux leather design. In other words, these shoes scream elegance, performance and longevity.

There is a dedicated strap that goes around to ensure that your feet are secure. The insole is highly cushioned, and it doesn’t wear out easily. For more cushioning, you might want to consider adding more cushioning.

The soles are made of rubber which offers great flexibility to protect you from dance floor accidents. This sole also has an excellent grip which makes these shoes a suitable choice for dancing on slippery or wooden floors.



Best Ballroom Dancing Shoes for Men

If you guys out there are looking for a high-quality ballroom dance shoe, then you will never go wrong with Capezio Mens SD103. The shoe is made of durable synthetic materials on the uppers and features a suede sole which makes it ideal for any kind of dance besides ballroom dancing.

Capezio SD103 features a shock-absorbing sponge to keep you comfortable and supported as you perform. This is a 1-inch shoe with a suede bottom to enhance performance as well as absorb any shock from the floor as you move around.

These best shoes for ballroom dancing are lightweight and extremely flexible to increase your comfort even during long hours of performing.

This is a lace-designed ballroom dancing shoe., the laces are adjustable for a snug fit.

The outsole is made for flexibility. It features a ¾ shank which reinforces support and stability without adding unnecessary weight to the shoe. For this reason, the shoe is ideal for beginners who are looking for comfort and easy movement on the dance floor.



For those looking for durable Oxford-style ballroom dancing shoes, Bloch Dance Men’s Xavier will be a suitable pair. The shoes are designed for practicing, as well as actual or formal ballroom dancing.

These dancing shoes are designed with fully cushioned insoles to help protect your feet from the pressure and shock from long dancing. The cushion ensures that you can effortlessly slide and turn. The insole also keeps your feet well- ventilated to prevent odour and sweatiness. The shoe comes with a short shank which means that you get more flexibility with this best ballroom dancing shoes.

The heel is wide and low, which ensures stability and support as you move around. It is also cushioned so that you remain comfortable even during the long dancing sessions. The suede outsole is great for turning and spinning; you can also wear these shoes to different dance floors.



DLisiting is an Oxford-style ballroom dancing shoes that can also double as the best tango dancing shoes. With the modern design and 1-inch heel, this pair of dancing shoes can fit in any dancing room.

The shoe heel is low enough, thus enough freedom of movement which enhances control while on the dance floor. The shoes fit pretty well, and you can be assured of excellent dance floor performance. For these reasons, DLisiting are among the best ballroom practice dance shoes on the market.

The heavy sole is an advantage to those ballroom dancers who love to spin for long periods. You will have the perfect traction and grip for any type of move that you will wish to make. For this reason, this is one of the best ballroom practice shoes.

DLisiting features a suede outsole and leather upper which ensures that you look elegant when headed for ballroom dancing. DLisiting is undoubtedly one of the best ballroom dance shoes men thanks to its well-balanced design.



From men’s to women’s dancing shoes, Capezio is a renown shoe brand – no wonder we often have some Capezio shoes on our lists. Capezio Tony is a modern style and versatile dancing shoe worth the money.

The collar and the notch of the shoe are significantly padded to protect you from pressure on the Achilles tendon. We love the Cuban-heel which gives the shoe a boost in terms of comfort and aesthetics.

The shoelaces ensure a snug and comfortable fit to facilitate enough traction for easy movement. The shoe comes with a suede sole which is extremely flexible thus easy gliding across the floor. The sole is non-marking hence preventing damages on the floor.

These best shoes for ballroom dancing are available in a wide range of sizes. Additionally, Capezio offers custom made sizes on request.



If you are looking for the best ballroom practice shoes, then the Minishion Dancing shoe for men will be a good choice. The shoe’s modern design also makes it ideal for professional salsa, tango and ballroom Latin dancing.

The first thing you notice about this shoe is its wingtip and perforated design that adds an element of elegance to its overall look.

The shoe features leather upper and a durable sole which ensures comfort all day long. The sole has the right amount of grip to enable you to control your moves on the dance floor. The shoe hugs your feet adequately, and you can dance without the fear of it slipping off, besides you can use adjust the laces for a snug fit.

We love the fact that the manufacturer lets you get a customized sole for this shoe. The sole can be changed to rubber if you so wish. The fitting for these best shoes for ballroom dancing is perfect, and you dot have to go a size up or down from your usual size.



Honorable Mentions

The following ballroom dance shoes didn’t make it on our list, but they’re still great shoes that you should check out:

  • BAYSA Women Mesh – for women looking for a unique colourful designed ballroom dancing shoe. There is so much to love about the BAYSA Mesh shoe. First, it features a single strap buckle system which makes it easier to remove and put on. This is a closed toe designed ballroom dancing shoe with extra padded insole for extra comfort. The suede outsole is easy to clean and maintain. The shoe features a steady grip to maintain stability when on the dance floor. You can also glide without fear of losing control. This budget-friendly pair of ballroom dancing shoes are comfortable and offer excellent durability.
  • NLeahershoe Men’s Breathable Dancing Shoes – comes with a unique classy design that ensures you look as you bring out your best dance moves. This is the best ballroom men’s dancing shoes for experts and beginners. The shoe’s anti-slip outsole is perfect for providing the needed stability and support while on the dance floor. To ensure adequate breathability, this shoe is designed with several air holes on the upper section. These tiny holes ensure that your feet remain dry at all times. It is made of leather which is lightweight and long-lasting.  If you are looking for a lightweight, perfectly designed shoes for ballroom dancing, then NLeahershoe is a great choice.
  • TTdancewear Women Ballroom Dance Shoes – an elegantly designed ballroom shoe for those looking for a pair of ballroom shoes with a bold statement. We love the diagonal strap with a shiny hook buckle which gives the shoe a polished look. The insole is properly padded to ensure that you remain as comfortable as possible when dancing. The lining is made of microfiber, which is extremely breathable for the extended dance sessions. The toe area is wide to allow for free toe flexing. The shoe is available in 2.5-3inch heel range.
  • TTdancewear Women Rhinestone Ballroom Dance Shoes – an example of quality women’s ballroom dancing shoes. The shoes can be worn by beginners and professionals thanks to its friendly yet quality design. The quick-release buckle makes it possible for you to remove and put on. It has a suede sole that ensures you can glide as the desired while on the dance floor. The sole offers enough traction and is stable for every dancing move you want to try out.  The shoe is available in different beautiful colours to choose from. Besides, you can choose between 2.5 and 3-inch heels. This is a fairly priced ballroom dancing shoes that ensure stability and comfort at all times.
  • Diamant Women’s Model 053 Ballroom Dance Shoes – a perfect choice for intermediate ballroom dancers. This is a handcrafted ballroom shoe which explains the high price. However, this is a durable pair to consider if your money is not a factor to consider. The shoe is made of high-quality suede; it has an open toe design which makes it a top pick for ballroom dancing. The T- a strap that features an adjustable buckle for securing your foot in place. The insole is made of microfiber which is one of the most breathable materials available. The lining also wicks away moisture to keep your feet dry even when dancing in a hot room. The 1.6-inch heel allows for easy change of styles. This is a classy beginners’ ballroom dancing shoes.
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