Best Ballet Shoes

Best Ballet Shoes (Updated for 2022)

To get the most out of your ballet class or competition, it is necessary to find a pair of ballet shoes that properly fit and are up to the task. The best ballet shoes will significantly improve your confidence and dancing ability.

With several ballet shoes on the market, it is not always easy to pick the best for you. Ballet shoes vary in materials, width, support, elastic, and sole, making it much harder to choose a good pair. Luckily, we are here to help. In this article, we review the best ballet shoes so that you can bypass the marketing noise.

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Best Ballet Shoes: Buyers Guide

Having to compare several ballet shoes can be difficult, but we’ve listed the key factors to consider when buying ballet shoes.

1) Type – There are three types of ballet shoes. The type you choose will depend on your skills level.

Soft ballet shoes are feature a slip-on design and are made of soft padding to enhance comfort. The shoes are mainly designed for beginners, and do not come with straps.

Ballet slippers have one strap over the upper foot area, but some are designed with a wrap-around that extends up to the ankle. These are typically soft slippers that can be worn by beginner and intermediate ballerinas.

Point ballet shoes are designed for experienced ballerina dancers. The design allows dancers to balance on the tip of their foot seamlessly. The pointe shoes offer extra support to the ankles and the feet.  The good news is that some brands are designing pointe ballet shoes for beginners, and you can always consider those if you love this design.

2) Sole – There are two types of ballet shoe soles.

Full sole ballet shoes feature a sole throughout the bottom of the shoe, and they are ideal for beginner dancers since they provide extra support.

Split-sole shoes come with a hard pad on the bottom. The pad is located at the toes, ball of the foot, and heel; it does not run throughout the entire sole. Split ballet soles are meant to offer an enhanced range of motions in the foot. This sole does not interfere with flexing and pointing of the dancer’s foot.

3) Material – Ballet shoes are made of different materials. The type of material you choose determines the durability of your shoe. This is, therefore, a crucial factor to consider when looking for the best ballet shoes.

Leather ballet shoes are highly durable and meant to help beginner dancers attain foot strength. The only downside to this material is that it is quite expensive.

Canvas ballet shoes are easy to clean and are machine- washable. They come at an affordable price as compared to leather ballet shoes. The main downside with canvas is that it is less durable as compared to leather.

Satin ballet shoes are designed for young ballet dancers. They are made to flatter the line of the foot and are quite eye appealing. These shoes wear out faster than those made of leather and canvas.

It is also essential to consider the type of floor on which the shoes will be worn. For example, canvas ballet shoes are best suited for vinyl floors, while leather shoes work best with wooden floors.

4) Fastening mechanism – It is important to remember that each ballet shoe is designed differently. Some ballet shoes don’t come with elastics so that you can get to sew them where you exactly need them depending on the arch of your foot and preference. Remember that if you purchase ballet shoes without elastic, you will have to sew them in yourself. While it is not difficult to sew the elastics, it is convenient and time-saving to always go for shoes with pre-sewn elastics.

Some ballet shoes feature elastic instead of ribbon. Others shoes will come with ribbons already attached, and with the rest, you will have to sew them in.  The fastening you choose depends on your preference.

5) Fit – Sizing is another essential factor to look into when buying ballet dancing shoes. Ballet shoes should fit like a glove to your foot. More times than not, the loose-fitting can compromise your performance, hindering you from performing some moves. The shoes should not be too small because these will cause feet pressure, wear out quickly, and prevent you from performing to your maximum while on the dance floor. It is also vital to note that sizing differs from one brand to another. For example, a size eight from Capezio may be different from a size eight from Bloch.

6) Style – Style is always a matter of individual preferences. However, you will realize that pink pointe shoes are quite common when it comes to ballet shoes. This is because they come in various sizes and colors, perfect for any ballet performance. Aesthetic appeal is a crucial factor when looking at style, but we highly recommend going for a shoe that capitalizes your needs on the dance floor.

7) Durability – Ballet dancing, especially training, requires that you put in more time. For this reason, you need a shoe that will stand the test of time. Most of the ballet shoes made of leather and canvas are designed to last for a long time compared to those made of human-made or synthetic materials.

We recommend that you consider buying from brands that offer a warranty. This is the only way you can be assured that the shoes are designed to last. In this best ballet shoes review, we chose shoes from top brands that are not shy to claim the quality of their products. We also considered customer reviews to gauge the durability of each ballet shoes we reviewed.

8) Price – Lastly, you want to ensure that the price of the shoe you choose does not dry your pockets. You should compare the shoe’s worth with the overall quality to ensure that you will get the best value for your hard-earned money. Expensive shoes are not necessarily durable; again, cheap does not always mean low quality. It is always good to find a balance between price and quality; buying from a trusted brand will always save you the price vs. quality headache.

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Best Ballet Shoes in 2022

Capezio Daisy is the overall best women’s ballet shoes. This shoe is designed to last long while offering you great functionality. Capezio Daisy is for those who are looking for comfortable and versatile ballet shoes.

The shoe is made of pure leather, which boosts the shoe’s durability over the years. Besides, the leather design ensures flexibility and comfort, which are the key factors when choosing a ballet shoe. The elastic drawstring ensures that you can adjust the shoe to your fitting.

The shoe is unique in every way, and it comes with an ID tag, which ensures security at all times. Let’s face it, ballet shoes are quite identical, which makes it easier to lose your pair in case you take them off. The ID tag has your name engraved on it, and so your shoes will be secure at all times.

The sole is made of suede, which enhances traction and stability to ensure that you have the right amount of control of your steps as you move on the dance floor.

Capezio Daisy might be priced on the higher side, but we feel the shoe offers more than its price tag. This is a shoe whose quality is unmatched by several expensive ballet shoes.



L-Run ballet shoes are the best lightest and softest option on our list. If you are looking for a shoe with various colors to choose from, then L-Run is for you. Boasting with 189 colors of this great shoe, it increases your chances of picking a pair that will blend with the rest of your outfit.

The shoe is super comfortable, owning to the soft material design. It is made of canvas uppers, which are highly breathable to ensure that you remain comfortable even after long hours of performing.

The shoe’s rubber sole is designed to offer decent value for years to come. It provides adequate traction to keep you stable as you move on the dance floor. These are easy to clean and maintain ballet shoes; L-Run canvas ballet shoes are worth the money.



Bloch is also one of the most trusted dancing shoe brands in the market. Bloch Performa ballet shoes focus on comfort, durability, and functionality. These particular shoes are considered one of the top ballet shoes by experts.

Bloch Performa is designed to offer you flexibility as you make various dance moves. To attain flexibility and durability, the Bloch company combined canvas and elastin in an elegant design.

The sole features a full canvas with the perfect amount of traction needed for movement on the dance floor. Besides, the toe area is designed to give you the utmost balance at all times.

The uppers of the shoes are incredibly soft and will snugly hug your foot. The insole has shock-absorbing padding to ensure that your feet remain protected even when you vigorously move around.

For convenience’s sake, the shoes come with pre-sewn crossed elastics, the front, and rear split sole pads are large to increase comfort.



Sansha Pro 1 is arguably the best men’s ballet shoe in the market. The Sansha is a household name; the brand designs the best dancing shoes for hip-hop, jazz, tap, and more. This ballet shoe is nothing less of the best, ideal for those looking for a high-quality, versatile ballet slipper.

We love the shoe’s interior design; it has a double lining, which is also reinforced, hence offering you an extra layer of protection.

The split-sole is meant to enhance comfort, durability, and ensure that you perform better each time. The leather sole offers excellent traction to keep you stable on the dance floor.

Sansha Pro 1 is highly-priced, but it is justifiable because ballet experts highly recommend it. When the price is not a factor to look into, Sansha Pro 1 makes a great purchase.



Just like the Bloch Dance Women’s Performa, these Men’s Performa ballet shoes are designed to offer you comfort and flexibility as you try out new moves on the dance floor.

These blotch ballet shoes are designed to hug your arch perfectly for that support you need to perform excellently. The insole is made of shock-absorbing cushioning; hence you can be assured of ultimate protection whenever you are on the dance floor.

This shoe has an extremely comfortable split sole, which is also lightweight to ensure that you can effortlessly raise your feet. The leather sole is durable and quite flexible hence easily complying with any moves you make.

The shoe features large front and rear leather pads for extra comfort, and you can wear these shoes all day long without suffering sore feet.

The shoe’s elastics are pre-sewn for the convenience you deserve.  This is the affordable best ballet shoes that you will last years to come.



Capezio is a famous dance shoe brand that focuses on designing the quality of men’s and women’s shoes. The Capezio Romeo ballet shoes are not any different; the boots feature a uniquely elegant design to ensure that you remain outstanding each time you step on the dance floor.

The Romeo ballet shoes have a sculpted arch for enhanced flexibility thanks to the split-sole with patented diamond gussets. The forefoot padding is trimmed to ensure that you have excellent comfort at all times. The insole is moisture absorbent and seamlessly wicks away moisture to keep your feet odour-free.

The shoes feature non-attached crisscross elastics to allow you to customize your fit. The elastics will enable you to adjust the shoe for a perfect fit. The shoes’ hammered pleats ensure that it attains a smooth floor contact at all times.



If you are looking for the best ballet pump for men, you won’t go wrong with the Bloch Dance Pumps.

These shoes provide a glove-like fitting to ensure that your shoes do not compromise your performance. The shoe is made of a soft but long-lasting canvas that nicely hugs your foot for increase comfort.

These men’s pumps for ballet dancing come with tear-drop-shaped pads at the toe and heel to enhance flexibility for easy movement while on the dance floor. The heel is extra cushioned to allow for smooth alignment of your feet.

These best ballet pumps from Bloch are priced reasonably and will with no doubt give you maximum value for your money.



Honorable Mentions

The following ballet shoes didn’t make it on our list, but they’re still great, so you should check them out:

  • Nexete Mens Ballet Dance Shoes – made of canvas, durable and are easy to clean and maintain. These shoes feature an exclusive split sole design and canvas uppers. The elastic drawstring and suede sock lining enhance the shoe’s comfort, making it ideal for long hours of practice or performance.
  • Danzcue Adult Split Sole Canvas Ballet Slippers – come in different colors to choose from. The shoes are made of the top-quality suede sole to ensure durability and comfort at all times. We love the round head design and the double sewn straps; the elastics are adjustable to ensure that you customize your fit. Danzcue ballet shoes feature breathable insoles and an anti-slip outer sole.
  • MSMAX Unisex Ballet Shoes – best unisex ballet shoes in the market. These are made of leather uppers and suede soles, which explains their durability. The elastic drawstrings are adjustable to fit your size. You will appreciate their extra padded insoles that are also breathable for comfort-the sole features excellent traction to eliminate falls and slips while on the dance floor. The shoes are available in three bright colors, which makes them ideal for different occasions. These are easy to maintain ballet shoes; all you have to do is use a damp cloth to wipe the shoes dry.
  • IJONDA Professional Ballet Pointe Shoes for Women – designed for a wide range of activities such as gymnastics, ballet, dancing, and more. These are some of the most comfortable women’s ballet shoes in the market; the shoe’s upper is made of silk satin, which is highly breathable for the needed ventilation, especially when you perform. The bottom side of the shoe is made of quality leather, which is extremely durable; the sole is wear-resistant and anti-slip. The shoes offer the right amount of traction for all you move, including spinning and turning. The pair comes with elastic bands so that you can adjust them for a snug fit.
  • TXJ Sports Womens Ballet Shoes – features a satin pointe design. These satin dancing shoes feature leather uppers and non-slip bottoms that ensure stability and traction. The shoes come with silica gel toe pads to help keep your toes padded and comfortable at all times. The shoes come with a ribbon that is not pre-stitched; you will have to do the stitching as preferred.
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