Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers

Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers (Updated for 2022)

Ballet dancing is one of the best activities for young girls and boys. The dance helps them build trust, resilience, and discipline. I certainly remember doing ballet as a young girl, and I know that with ballet dancing, your finding the right ballet shoes definitely helps enhance performance.

If you are not into ballet dancing yourself, buying a pair of ballet shoes for your toddler can be quite hectic. Luckily, we included a comprehensive buyer’s guide in this review to help you know what you should look for in ballet shoes for toddlers.

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Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers: Buyers Guide

Having to compare different ballet shoes for toddlers is difficult if you’ve never danced ballet. Fear not, we’ve compiled some of the most important aspects to consider when buying ballet shoes for your little one.

1) Fit – One of the most vital factors to consider when buying the best ballets shoes for your toddler is a proper fit. The shoes you buy should fit like a glove; there should not be any extra room between the shoes and the toddler’s feet. It is also crucial to check your child’s toe to ensure that they are not curling. Pressure at the toes can lead to blisters and more pain.

It can be tempting to go for a size larger, especially when buying online! However, remember that without a good fitting, your child might not perform to their best.  For children under the age of 3 years, buy the toddler size and for those between 5 and 10 years, buy the small kid size 4.

2) Sole – The type of sole you choose determines the comfort and support that your little one gets on the dance floor. There are two types of ballet shoe soles; split and full sole. Split ballet shoes are recommended for adult dancers because of the flexibility and support the exclusive offers. It is worth mentioning that some toddlers can comfortably wear split sole ballet shoes without an issue. Full sole is suitable for children since they need extra support for muscle strengthening. The sole bottom is mainly made of suede or thin leather.

3) Style and color – Style can change anytime. For this reason, you need to buy a ballet shoe whose design will stand the test of time.

Ballet shoes are available in different colors; the golden rule has always been pink and tan for girls and black or white for boys. However, it is important to consider your child’s preference in terms of color. Also, remember that some ballet schools recommend that parents buy a certain shoe color for their toddlers.

4) Fabric type – Before you buy a ballet shoe for your toddler, it is important to consider the type of material the shoe is made of. A good number of ballet shoes are made of canvas and leather. Leather is durable and lightweight; shoes made of this material will last much longer. The only downside with leather shoes is that they are priced on the higher side but worth the price. Canvas is easy to wash thanks to the fact that it is also machine washable; these shoes are affordable and quite durable but not compared to leather.

Satin is another quite common ballet shoe material. The material is perfect for wearing during performances or ballet photoshoots, thanks to its shiny and beautiful design. Satin is not as durable as leather and canvas; it also gets dirty fast hence difficult to maintain.

5) Elastics and ribbons – The majority of the toddler ballet shoes come with pre-attached elastics. However, the elastics will be included in the box but not attached to the shoes. Shoe brands recommend that you attach the elastics yourself after trying the shoes on your toddler. Each dancer has different shaped feet, and this means that the placement of the elastic will differ.

Ribbons are majorly used to secure the ballet shoes to the feet during competitions. They are usually attached between the crisscross elastics or in the same place as the single elastic. Ribbons can be worn with elastics or without; these ribbons are then wrapped around the ankle and tied to keep the shoe in its rightful place.

6) Price – Thankfully, ballet shoes are generally affordable. This means that you may not have to spend much on a good pair of ballet shoes for your toddler. Ensure that the pair you buy is made of durable materials so that you won’t have to budget for another pair of ballet shoes soon.

Best Ballet Shoes for Toddlers

Meet Capezio Daisy, one of the best ballet shoes for toddlers in the market. The shoe is made of high-quality leather to enhance durability as well as comfort each time your little one steps on the dance floor.

Unlike many shoes in this list, these shoes are designed specifically for ballet. They come with pre-sewn elastics and ties at the front to ensure a snug fit. The Daisy lining ensures comfort as well as adds to the overall elegance of the shoe.

These top ballet shoes for toddlers come with an ID tag that you can label your child’s name if they are misplaced at the dance hall.

The shoes also come with hammered pleats for a smooth floor contact hence easy movement. The top quality leather soles ensure proper support and durability.

We also love that the shoes have standard sizing and are available in a wide range of sizes to pick from.



Bloch is a trusted dance shoe brand that capitalizes on durability on quality; Bloch Dance Dansoft ballet slippers are one of the best ballet shoes for young girls and boys.

These ballet shoes are made of canvas and a leather sole. The upper leathers feature a cotton lining, which gives the shoes an elegant appearance and enhances durability.  This leather sole runs throughout the entire bottom to give your little one adequate support and stability.

These best ballet shoes come with an elastic band that effortlessly goes off the foot to ensure a snug and secure fit.

These are easy to wear and take off. These best ballet shoes for toddlers are available in four colors; black, pink, white, and theatrical pink. You also get a variety of sizes to consider for a perfect fit.



STELLE Premium ballet shoes are made from quality leather uppers that are extremely lightweight and comfortable.

The shoes are safe and considered a one-time investment for different ballroom activities such as yoga, ballet training, gymnastics, and more.

The shoe comes with cross straps and an elasticated drawstring that hold the feet snugly and prevents possible accidents during dancing. The suede leather sole is skid-proof and long-lasting.

These ballet shoes for toddlers are available in four different colors and sizes to ensure that you find a perfect size and color for your young dancer.



Linodes Stain Ballet shoes are keenly crafted to offer comfort and durability.

These shoes are made of soft, breathable upper materials that are also long-lasting. The uppers come with pre-installed elastics that are easy to adjust for a comfortable fit.

It features an anti-abrasive suede sole that is also lightweight to enhance easy movement on the dance floor.

This is a versatile ballet pair that can be worn by various ballroom dancers during all seasons. Linodes offer a free return policy if, by any chance, you are not happy with this pair.



Zaclotre Dance shoes are the best choice for parents looking for soft and lightweight ballet shoes for their little ones. These shoes are not just elegant but also affordable and easy to put on.

These best ballet shoes for kids are made of durable cotton blend uppers for a smooth and beautiful finish.

The top of the shoe comes with a bow elastic to help secure the shoe’s foot, thus increasing comfort and performance. The sole is made of anti-skid leather, which enhances balance and reduces resistance during the performance.

The shoe is available in several colors to consider. The sizes are also over a wide range, so you can be assured of finding an ideal pair for your little one.



Here’s another amazing ballet shoe for kids from STELLE. This shoe is designed with comfort and durability in mind.

The STELLE Canvas Ballet Slipper is surprisingly lightweight and breathable than most highly-priced toddler ballet shoes.

They have a cross strap to help ensure that the feet stay secure at all times. This also prevents dance floor accidents.

It is available in black, pink, white, and tan and different sizes besides the standard size.



If you are looking for affordable and high-quality ballet shoes for your little girl, then DIPUG Canvas will be a great fit.

These best ballet shoes for toddlers are made of canvas on the outer layer; canvas is an excellent weather-resistant material.

Amazingly, the shoes feature a well-cushioned special toe design that helps your child attain adequate balance as they dance.

The drawstrings and crisscross elastics ensure that the shoe fits properly to prevent dance floor accidents.

The shoes come in a wide range of various colors to choose from.



This shoe features cotton canvas uppers, which are breathable and give the shoe an elegant modern look.

The sole is made of skid-proof split leather, which is comfortable and ensures protection at all times. Due to their excellent protection, the shoes can be worn for yoga, dance lessons, gymnastics, and ballet training.

The most impressive feature of the DoGeek ballet shoes is that they come with highly adjustable drawstrings. This means you can adjust the shoe’s elastics to ensure that the shoe fits your toddler’s feet snugly. The bows on the top are also adjustable for a comfortable fit.

They come in various colors apart from black and pink, which are quite common. You also get to choose from 19 different sizes depending on your child’s and size.



Honorable Mentions

The following ballet shoes for toddlers didn’t make it on our list, but don’t count them out just yet!:

  • Ruqiji Canvas Ballet Shoes for Girls – one of the most durable yet budget-friendly pair. The shoe is made of canvas and features a full sole, which is also skid proof so you won’t have to worry about your child falling and injuring themselves on the dance floor. The elastics crisscross at the top for enhanced support during dancing. These shoes fit perfectly hence eliminating the need for drawstrings. The shoe is versatile and can be worn to jazz, yoga, training, and ballroom dances. Canvas is a durable and comfortable material to invest in. There are several colors of this shoe to choose from.
  • Capezio Love Ballet Flat – ideal for those parents looking for a shoe designed to grow with their child. The Capezio Love Ballet shoe has a stylish design that will not go out of style soon. The shoes have a soft leather insole with extra padding to ensure that your young one’s feet remain comfortable throughout the day. We like the two-sole design; the suede sole allows your child to have more control of their dance moves while the full sole reduces resistance on the floor.
  • Bloch Dance Bunnyhop Ballet Slippers – full sole, durable, and comfortable. These ballet shoes for toddlers are examples of what your toddler needs to get the best out of their performances and training. These slippers feature a leather exterior and synthetic sole to enhance comfort as well as durability. The pink uppers are integrated with a soft swan down lining for utmost comfort at all times. You will love the fact that the shoe comes in several sizes to choose from.
  • MSMAX Classic Ballet Slippers – beautiful pair of ballet shoes for young girls who love shimmery items. The shoe has a stunning rose and gold glitter design, which will ensure your child feels not only good wearing it but also outstanding. Ms. Max ballet shoes come with extra padding in the insole, enhancing your child’s comfort on the dance floor. The drawstrings can be easily adjusted to offer a snug-fitting. The shoes can be worn to other various dances that your little one might be interested in.
  • Child Economy Leather Full Sole Ballet Shoes – comfortable, affordable, and elegant-looking without compromising on quality. The shoe comes with a cotton lining to offer your toddler excellent cushioning against pressure from multiple dance moves. The suede sock liner is durable, and you will not have to change it anytime soon. These are easy to slip on anytime. This pair is suitable for parents looking for the best toddler beginner ballet shoes.
Standalone pair of toddlers ballet shoes

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