Best ballroom dance accessories

Best Ballroom Dance Accessories (Updated for 2022)

Ballroom accessories are meant to give more importance to your taste, style, and preferences. These accessories provide unlimited opportunities for your ballroom dance outfits, helping you show off your style with each item you own.

There are several accessories that both men and women can consider for ballroom dancing. However, it is important to note that less is more when it comes to accessorizing in ballroom.

We have listed some of the best ballroom dancing accessories to consider in 2022, along with our thoughts on why you should check them out. Let’s begin!

Ballroom dancers with ballroom dance accessories

From ballroom dance hair accessories to those that ensure your safety on the floor, here are our picks for the best ballroom dance accessories.

Hair accessories

It can be hectic trying to figure out which hair accessory to choose for ballroom dancing. The truth is, there are several; types to consider, but it will always narrow down to your style.

Bobby pins are one of the best ways to accessorize your hair. They come in different designs; some are made of pearls while others come with some rhinestones; they are also available in different shapes and colors. You can never have a dull hair day with bobby pins.

Hapy shop Styling clips come in a pack of 150; they are durable and colored pins that will ensure you stand out from the crowd. These pins are made of metal, and you will love the 360 degrees baking paint that provide the surface is super smooth and bright. The clips come in a decent casing for convenient storage and portability. The pins are suitable for all women, hair color or texture, and design. Hapy shop clips are for those looking for colorful bobby pins to brighten their hair day.

Hair claw clips are other hair accessories to consider. They have a wide range of applications, thus useful in different setups, from barbershops, kitchen to home showers, and more. They are suitable for different types of hair and come in different colors to choose from.

Fascigirl Hair Claw Clips are made of high-quality metal spring and acrylic material to ensure that you can use them for a long time to come. These are multi-colored jaw clips that are meant to bring some brightness to your hair. You will love the fact that the pins are non-slip and extremely easy to use; their interlocking teeth are excellent at holding your hair in place all day long. This is a set of colorful hair claws in a box container that helps you stay organized.

Toe covers

When learning ballroom dancing or performing, it is best to protect your feet from shock and injuries. Foam or silicone toe covers to ensure that your lambswool toe protectors and pointes are well protected. It is recommended that you also get spacers to place between your toes to prevent bunions.

ZenToes 6 Pack Gel Protectors are one of the best toes covers in the market. Their slim and fitting design ensures that they fit into your shoes seamlessly. These gel protectors do an excellent job protecting hammertoes, ingrown nails, and painful areas of your feet. They feature a sheath style to ensure you have a slip-free experience. The gel layer functions as a moisturizer in case of ingrown toenails, thus enhancing healing. These are high quality, affordable, and latex-free toe covers for ballroom dancing. They come in a pack of six in large size.

Blulu Toe Cushion Tube Spacers will ensure that your toes are protected to reduce discomfort as a result of corns, bunions, blisters, nail problems, and chronic toe pain. These spacers can create a non-slip surface to keep your toes intact protected. The most exciting factor about these spacers from Blulu is that they can be worn by men and women and with walking shoes, heels, flats, and sports shoes. The toe gels are made of non-toxic, hypoallergenic lining, which is soft to the skin and equally comfortable to wear.


Whether it’s a stylish fedora hat or a bucket hat that gives you a heavenly vibe, both are significant to your overall look.

Simplicity Unisex Timelessly Fedora Hat is made of breathable, durable, and soft materials to ensure comfort. The hat is made for both women and men and comes available in warm colors that easily match with the rest of your outfit. You can wear this classic fedora hat to different events such as theatre performances, plays, and ballroom dancing. You will love the teardrop crease, short crown, and narrow brim, ensuring that you look sharp on the dance floor.

MaxNova Bucket Hat is made of pure cotton and can be worn by both men and women. It is available in one free size that fits all. It can be worn as two hats; one side is a solid color bucket hat while the other side is a bright-colored hat. It can also be worn for ballroom dancing and casual daily activities such as hunting and fishing. This is one of the best versatile, unisex, and affordable bucket hats to consider for your next ballroom dancing session.


Bowties are designed to replace your ordinary tie. They are one of the best ways to accessorize your outfit.

DanDiao Pre-tied Bowties come in several colors so that you can choose one that perfectly matches your outfit. They are made of soft polyester, which is durable and comfortable to wear. The ties are suitable for all types of shirts and can be worn by men and boys. The band expands up to 18 inches, and a single size fits most individuals. These are convenient bowties that come as a pack of 20; you can wear them to different occasions, both formal and informal.


For men, suspenders act as one of the best ballroom dancing accessories to consider. They not only bring out the elegance in you but also enhance your fashion sense. The golden rule is that suspenders cannot be worn with a tie and vice versa.

JAIFEI Suspenders and Bowtie Set will, without a doubt, make heads turn whenever you step out. These suspenders are adjustable with 4 study clips that ensure your pants are held tightly. They Are expandable up to 46 inches to ensure a custom fit and maximal comfort. The suspenders are made of quality elastic material that is resistant to shrinking and fading. The bowtie is pre-tied to enhance convenience; the good news is that one size fits all, thanks to the neck elastics that are highly adjustable. This is an affordable suspender and bowtie set that will ensure you step out looking elegant.

Dance bag

A dance bag is another must-have ballroom dancing accessory.  Whether you are taking part in private tutorials, group classes, or evening classes, you will have to carry your attires and other personal items.

Dance bags come in a cylindrical shape with handles on the top. There are other types of pf bags that you can consider for your ballroom dancing.  The cylindrical type is convenient; you can carry it on the back and shoulders.

Holographic Dance Duffel Bag features a bright colored design that you will love. It is made of holographic material, which is durable, easy to wash, and maintain. It measures 16 inches by 9 inches, a decent capacity for carrying all your desired dancing outfits and other items. It has two exterior slip pockets that you can store small items such as a phone, car keys, and more. There is a durable zipper closure at the top and an adjustable strap that you can use to adjust to the desired fit. This is a high-quality dance bag that is available at a reasonable price.

High heel protectors

Heel protectors are meant to prevent uneven wearing out of the heel. An unstable heel can cause injuries and strain on your ankles.

TKMOS&Teekia Heel Protectors come in three different sizes; small, medium, and large. The bottom diameter measures 30 mm, enhancing balancing and support as you move around the dance floor. They feature an anti-slip design to help prevent injuries or falls even when walking on uneven floors. The protectors are versatile and can be worn for different outdoor activities such as garden weddings and any other rough surfaces.

Hamo Silicone Heel Cups feature a single size that fits all. These are lightweight, extremely breathable heel cups that capitalize on comfort all day long. They are made of soft gels, which ensure that you are instantly relieved from the pain that can easily distract you while on the dance floor. The cups are infused with vitamins to help moisturize your skin hence improved comfort. They are made of pure anti- odour silicone, which makes them suitable for wearing all day without fear of odour. These heel cups are washable and reusable.  You can wear these heel cups every day for different activities besides ballroom dancing; they come in 4 pairs for extended wear.


Ballroom dancing can be considered a dance sport; it helps you stay fit, whilst also enhances your social relationships. It’s essential to look at your best each time you step out; it is the best way to build your dance floor confidence and enhance your performance. We hope that you will consider some of the best ballroom accessories we reviewed in this article.

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