DanceSage Dana

Hi, I’m Dana.

My dance journey started at the age of eight when my parents got me involved in ballet. They themselves danced ballroom professionally for over 25 years, and I found myself progressing quickly in ballet and began competing at the age of 12. At age 14 I wanted to learn other styles of dancing, namely swing, salsa, and hip hop.

I’ve won various national competitions and competed in eight countries before turning 20.

After dabbling in various types of dance, from ballet and hip hop to salsa and jazz, I wanted to help other dancers that are looking to start their journey, through providing as much information as I can in terms of what gear to buy for each type of dance, as well as providing general dancing tips on my blog.

Scroll down the page to learn a bit more about my passion and my goals for this website.

My Passion

It’s no secret to anyone that dancing has always been my passion in life. My mom and dad were both dancers back in the day, so I suppose it is in my blood! I spent years practicing various ………..

I also faced various challenges throughout my dance journey, including injuries that kept me out for months. As you can imagine, having to spend a long time without dancing was incredibly difficult. Not to mention the global pandemic, which has caused such a negative impact on the entire dancing world. I know that as a keen dancer yourself, you may be wondering how to get back into dancing (even with the recent events).


My Goals

I strongly believe in never giving up, which is why I set up this blog during the global pandemic to help inspire dance lovers around the world. I want to use my platform to help guide people towards getting the most out from dancing, which includes providing reviews on various products – from shoes and clothing to accessories and dance music.

I take great pride in having an amazing team of writers and dancers, who help me keep this site up and running by providing regular, honest updates about all things dancing.

We aim to keep the content on this website up-to-date at all times, so don’t hesitate to contact us if you feel like something is missing – we want to build a community of dance lovers from all over the globe!